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So far, the game genre set in the fight against zombies has never ceased to be hot. But  Zombie Mob brings a whole new feeling. Still a zombie game, but instead of going to fight against infected zombies. Now you have to play as a controller of zombies. Shoot them at other commoners so they can eat them. Eat as many dolls as possible to complete the mission quickly. Games do not always worship the righteous side or always let people live. The desire to destroy as many people as possible make Zombie Mob more attractive than other zombie games.

Go to many different locations, and overcome many other challenges. Players can get countless valuable rewards. But players also need to be careful when facing the onslaught of police officers in the city. They are well-trained elite police officers. Their mission is to destroy all zombies you own. If you have not completed the task, you must complete it quickly. Or escape from the hunt of the talented police officers out there. You wish to destroy the peaceful space here, building the most influential zombie army.

Zombie Mob apk

Download Zombie Mob mod – Build a powerful zombie army to destroy all humans in the city.

When you are ready to enter the war with a certain number of zombies, players are taken to any location, standing before a group of people doing daily activities. Along with the zombie group is a giant cannon where you can fit a zombie. When loading a zombie into the scope, then hold down the gun. There is a line that shows up representing the flight direction and the length of the distance that your zombie can pass. The X at the end of the line is where your zombies will land here. Then the zombies that are now moving towards the location of the targets will attack and eat them.

Zombie Mob mod apk

Multiple locations

Zombie Mob brings players to a large city full and crowded with human life. Therefore, there are many places that you can explore here. Various locations appear in the town, and the people that zombies need to eat also do different jobs. In a sports field, there is a group of people playing basketball. Or by the green beach, people are swimming or sunbathing. Or the people are playing happily in the park, the rocky shore. Artists are performing on a stage that you will not spare. There are also many other locations that players can freely explore and experience in the game.

Zombie Mob mod

Various challenges

As soon as your first zombies start attacking humanity. Instead of standing still and dying, people ran around in chaos. This causes your zombies to move too, or you can shoot at the wrong location. Therefore, players must devise a clear strategy when participating in this war. There are separation walls created; players need to exert a force strong enough to overcome that wall. There are also times when the cop moves around the area, which gets you in the way. This is also the character you cannot attack again but must succumb to.

Interesting gameplay

There is a principle that everyone knows well: after being eaten by zombies, people will turn into them. In this game, that principle remains unbroken. As soon as they are affected by zombies, people will transform into them. This means that the number of green zombies will increase significantly. Players can feel easy if they know this exciting gameplay. So what can stop players in this battle? Many other things can hinder you here; there are also soldiers with giant swords. They attack everyone back and bring everyone down without hesitation.

The game screen continuously takes place in many new exciting locations. Instead of just sites in the city, players can now go to more diverse areas. You can also and buy more new grenades in different shapes and colours abroad. They make the fight more exciting and rich. However, the ability to win still depends entirely on your control ability. Neither colour nor design makes this cannon more powerful. Download Zombie Mob mod opens the war to shoot zombies to attack humans in the city.

Download Zombie Mob MOD APK (Free Rewards) for Android

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