World Soccer League v1. MOD APK (All Teams, Trophies Unlocked) Download

World Soccer League is a legendary sports game famous for engaging gameplay and realistic visuals for players to have the ultimate experience. You can easily manage your favorite team or the country’s national team participating in the ranking matches. You will get to play friendly games and championships to upgrade your team members. With the game’s great features, it is the best option for you to explore this popular sport.

World Soccer League


In this simulation game, everything is designed in detail and realistically. World Soccer League is where you can hone your soccer skills and learn some new strategies to win championships. Besides, the game also has a training mode for you to practice and improve your skills.


The game supports up to 15 different languages ​​​​in the world so that you can access the game easily without language barriers. You will use the control buttons to move the team members rhythmically and flexibly. Besides, you can save beautiful pictures and videos by capturing every moment you love in the match. At the same time, you also have to use smart football tactics to bring your team to the highest position in the rankings and have good achievements with attractive rewards.

World Soccer League


Similar to other soccer games, World Soccer League takes you to a fun place where you can control everything, like keeping the ball and scoring. You will have the opportunity to meet many players from different teams and compete with them in big tournaments. Each player will have a different position, so you need to choose players who have many strengths and can support each other to help your team win.

Moreover, the control of the ball, along with the movement and manipulation of the players, needs dexterity and care. In addition, the opponents will try to prevent you from scoring, so you need to have the right tactics to turn the situation around. Each strategy will correspond to the position of the players to help them have the best ball, and if you control it, you will quickly score and win.

World Soccer League


World Soccer League is a football game with fantastic 3D graphics with smooth and smooth images thanks to the developers’ investment and thorough design. All movements and movements of the players are simulated realistically, giving you the exact same match as in real life.

The in-game navigation keys are located in the lower right corner of the screen and are neatly arranged so as not to obstruct your view and, at the same time, help you to watch the entire match most straightforwardly. There are also small lines of text that help you distinguish the functions of the keys so that even new players can quickly grasp skills. In particular, the game also includes the sound of the referee blowing the whistle and the cheering of the audience so that players can have the most realistic and vivid experience possible.

World Soccer League

In short, if you are a football lover, then World Soccer League is a great game that you should try. With fast gameplay, quality images, and sound, it promises to bring you the most exciting football matches.


  • There are about 60 national teams, 60 clubs, and a total of 2000 players for you to discover and enjoy the top matches and meet many players from different countries.
  • There are 4 modes provided, including Exhibition, trophy, tournament, and training for you to choose and participate in. If you have not yet mastered the use of skills and controls, you can enter the training mode to receive training.
  • Realistic football game with beautiful and vivid 3D graphics, simulating each player’s movements in a sharp way for you to enjoy excellent dribbling.
  • Save and keep your photos or match videos to capture memorable moments and watch them again whenever you want. At the same time, the game also supports 15 different languages.
  • The sound is realistic and helps to encourage the players’ fighting spirit: the cheers of the audience, the referee’s whistle, and give players the best possible experience.

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