Wild Gunner – Rogue Adventure v1.4.2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Currency/Menu) Download

Wild Gunner is full of untapped secrets, and hundreds of battles broke out between the powers that be; through a strange portal, the player has entered such a mysterious and dangerous world. With the skills of a professional fighting force, explore that mysterious land and win the conflicts that suddenly erupt. Connection issues and errors fixed; for the best experience, get into the game right away!


Players are free to choose for themselves a gun with all designs in the weapon collection of Wild Gunner. With different meanings as well as different functions, the amount of damage they cause is also different. Besides, there are hundreds of other supporting devices to serve the needs of collecting and building in the process of exploring the mysterious land. Give yourself the unique style and the hardest leaderboard to beat!

It’s great to enjoy a fun and realistic space; each enemy that stops you will have a kind of power. Players who want to show their virtuosity and strength can try them out! Do they make it difficult for you? Combine what you have to create a new source of power to smash them! Recently, the upgrade of the Perma-Death system in terms of talent and opening more exciting live matches.

Wild Gunner – Rogue AdventureWild Gunner – Rogue Adventure


Each level provided by Wild Gunner will have a particular difficulty again; the secrets are gradually discovered, which makes this adventure more enjoyable. Perhaps, the ease of character control and fun in randomly appearing shooting battles will add to your excitement. Move agilely to the right or left and help it move forward or backward; shooting will occur when enemies start appearing and blocking your way.

From easy to difficult, the level system will force players to go through in sequence, and Wild Gunner allows you to upgrade and perfect your character’s skills. The strength when going through the enemy’s defense will make you overwhelmed!


Wild Gunner is always ready to start the fun matches at any time. In this mysterious world, the player is transformed into a cute but equally sly shooter, overcoming obstacles and moving forward, continuously opening its mysteries. Try it out today, let us know how satisfied you are with the game, and get the guarantee that your next return will be superior!

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