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The place where the heroes from the most different eras gather to participate in the battle is called Battle Simulator: Warfare. Epic simulated auto battles. The army gathers talented generals from Cavemen, Pirates, and Cowboys, … Each army brings their own special skills, no one is the same. The warriors caught in the time vortex return to various times in history. Just an ordinary tornado with a light blue color, after falling, a bright spot appears. Falling into the battle area. Where there are small squares of light yellow sand indicating the location for the army.

After arranging the appropriate position for each group of different soldiers. Click the Start button and wait to see if the victory belongs to you or the opponent. The two sides rushed into each other fiercely until only one side was executed. Players can observe the arrangement of the enemy’s squad. Depending on the situation, see how many enemies in the first class and how many in the second class. From there, choose the appropriate fighting method, such as defense or attack. If you choose to defend, you can leave the first group with a few mercenaries. Go to the next group to beat down many people. If you attack, you can have many strong people in the first place, take the strong and weak enemies first.

Battle Simulator Warfare mod apk

Download Battle Simulator: Warfare mod – The battle between heroes from different eras

With tons of levels taking place in many different eras. From the past to the present to the future, there is no shortage of space. The beginning is a series of prehistoric battles. In the middle of a cool green forest, there are animal skeletons that have been decomposed. Towering rocks. The heroes of this era wore simple loincloths. Holding wooden sticks, wooden bows or mace in aboriginal style. There are also support animals such as grizzly bears, wolves or mammoths. These animals are obtained after winning battles and opening gift chests. Every time you pass a certain level, the player is provided with new types of soldiers and animals.

Battle Simulator Warfare mod

More than 1000 levels

Already the war across space and time will surely be an endless process. With more than 1000 levels with increasing levels of difficulty and complexity. The higher the level, requires the player to have a cunning mind. Come up with strategies suitable to our army’s ability as well as being able to confront the enemy ahead. There were giant monsters, they were in the first battle line. Here players need to launch the strongest army. Heroes who are strong in the offensive aspect can be brought to the front line with them. Every time an enemy dies, a white skull-shaped smoke rises above their heads.

Battle Simulator Warfare apk

Army of Heroes

Apart from the ancient aborigines. There are also robots from the future, police, ninjas, gangsters, commando soldiers, and planes;… Aim to diversify the army and fighting style for players. Combining them creates a perfect army in terms of attack and defense. The orange helicopter shoots flaming rockets. Team purple, blue spaceships shaped like scorpions, drop bombs. Blue robots with strong armored arms. There’s an army of aliens with green skin. The head with two large round eyes and beard acts as two scout radar antennae.

Battle Simulator Warfare apk free


The upgrading of characters and weapons in Battle Simulator: Warfare is unlike any other game. Here, when a hero fights, he will accumulate blue energy particles. When they reach a certain level, the character automatically moves to the next level. So gradually progress to legendary levels. When the level increases in proportion to the damage, health, delay when attacking, … Therefore, players need to divide the group of heroes. Each hero participates in a certain number of battles. So that everyone can level up and become stronger. Levels here are represented by yellow stars.

Battle Simulator Warfare android

Armies of mighty armored tanks blocked the front as a line of defense to protect the army. To Battle Simulator: Warfare, there is also an interesting part called the wheel of fortune. Earn spins in battles and daily roll call. The wheel has items of different colors. Each item is a gift of relative value. There are times when you are lucky to hit big gift chests with blue, yellow, or red colors. Inside contains a lot of gold coins, experience, and natural elements, … There are super strong and rare hero characters in this. Download Battle Simulator: Warfare mod is the war that transcends the ages between the strongest people on earth.

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