Truck Simulator v1.6.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Fuel, Unlocked) Download

Nextgen: Truck Simulator is a driving simulation game that has just been released after a period of beta operation with changes to ensure the player’s experience. They will find some tweaks to make the game more stable and some new vehicles in the list of cars owned by the game. At the same time, each mode has its interesting points, and the players will be the ones to decide their own experience. More modes will appear in the future.

Nextgen: Truck Simulator


In Nextgen: Truck Simulator, players will experience the complete version after experiencing a period with the game’s beta version. After the data is taken from the beta version, players can experience a version with fewer bugs. Marking this launch, players also find two new vehicles that have just been added, Niva and Gazel, two types of cars with distinctive looks waiting for you to experience.

Nextgen: Truck Simulator

Players will enter a vast world with detailed environmental elements from the city to the diverse environments you can easily find. Simultaneously, any player will be impressed with the change in the location, and each gives a different feeling. So players will not feel bored during their experience and complete the tasks in the game.


Players will find awe-inspiring levels in Nextgen: Truck Simulator belonging to different game modes. Each mode brings a certain amount of fun that you cannot ignore. At the same time, similar to previous beta versions, players will continue to choose the control method that they feel is appropriate to perform thoroughly detailed control steps. They include navigating the vehicle, increasing or decreasing speed, and advancing or reversing accurately.

Nextgen: Truck Simulator

The two available modes of this game that you should experience are single-player and free drive. For single-player, players will join their cars on different daily levels. Each day has one thing in common: there is an area marked and accompanied by a distance. At the same time, your work will move quickly to those areas because each level will prescribe a period needed to complete the work.

Nextgen: Truck Simulator

Over time, you will find many accompanying elements, such as the need to drag a trailer to the specified area. From there, you will need to drive carefully and perform all maneuvers correctly. The free drive mode will be slightly different from the first mode because it offers freedom in the user experience similar to its name. At the same time, this is also when they can drive anywhere they want without worrying about the time factor.

Nextgen: Truck Simulator


If you have played the beta version of Nextgen: Truck Simulator, then you will surely be utterly impressed with the vehicles it owns. Not only packed in ordinary cars, but you can find trucks, SUVs, military vehicles, and many more. At the same time, each level gives you a certain amount of money depending on how well you complete it. From there, you will be able to have an awe-inspiring car collection.

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