Touhou Dungeon Battle MOD APK 1.1.1 (Menu/Unlimited Currency/Damage/Defense) Download

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  1. Damage Multiplier
  2. Defense Multiplier
  3. God Mode
  4. Unlimited Gem
  5. Unlimited Gold

Touhou Dungeon Battle is a role-playing game from the beautiful country of Japan. Set in the fascinating world of Touhou Project, where an exhilarating adventure unfolds. The character system is designed in the Japanese anime style. Make the game more attractive and lively. One of the first female characters you are provided with is called Reimu, who will explore every nook and cranny of the dungeon. There are many strange objects belonging to the dark gang appearing here. They have the purpose of getting out of here and going to invade the earth. Your job is with your teammates to stop all these monsters from escaping here.

Besides the requirement to stop the monsters, you also need to collect more items. Around this place are buried treasures from ancient times. If you can own them, unlocking new characters is no longer tricky. In addition, players can also use this item to upgrade the strength of their character team. Every time the player attacks the monster, glowing bubbles fly out. They transform into gold coins engraved with the letter P when they disappear. They are automatically added to your asset system. Importantly, these monsters can also attack the player back.

Touhou Dungeon Battle apk free

Download Touhou Dungeon Battle mod – Collect beautiful warriors to join the battle.

You can own a collection of female warrior cards. If you want to bring any character into the battle, drag and drop them into the position you want. Then the cards will transform into people and line up in the bottom corner of the screen. On top of each character, there is a green energy bar. When this energy bar is exhausted, the player must face the loss. The number of cards in each level is limited. When you want to increase combat power or use that character to attack. Players need to drag and drop cards onto similar surfaces. Players need a strategy to have enough time and enough cards in the fight.

Touhou Dungeon Battle apk

More than 100 characters

Collection of more than 100 female character cards with different appearances and skill systems. Every girl has a stunning appearance. In addition, the ability to fight is highly superhuman and powerful, unlike the appearance. Most of the girls are dressed in flowing outfits, with hair colour, facial expression, eye colour, smile, … and especially the name not the same. Therefore, players can distinguish characters through these characteristics. Each warrior possesses a power source corresponding to the colour of their symbol. The girl mage, archer, warrior, princess, knight… every profession has it.

Touhou Dungeon Battle mod apk

Daily life

When not having to participate in battles against monsters. Players can let female warriors live in the game’s garden. This place is a deep green lawn next to the mountain range. After a certain amount of time, gold coins are appear on the property. Players only need to control the character to move to places with gold coins and collect them. In addition, you can also fuse more items for characters in this area. Just touch the surface you want to check, and all their information will appear on the screen. Players need to fuse new skills, gems, and items at this location.

Touhou Dungeon Battle mod

Change of clothes

The characters that have been collected will be owned by the player. During the battles, the player can collect item cards. There are objects such as clothes, jewellery, weapons, and and gems in it. Gorgeous princess dresses, glittering jewels. There are also cat, fox, and bear masks. These items, when added to the character, the attached stats can be increased. This is also considered an exciting function that satisfies the player’s artistic passion. Mix and match jewels and accessories to create unique characters only you can own.

Touhou Dungeon Battle android

Each character in the fight has a countdown timer on the side. Players need to come up with an intelligent strategy. Because many characters may disappear before the player wins the game screen, in addition, with the combination of powerful bosses, players may have difficulty. Then using support skills is the safest measure. Use the green protective shield to prolong the player’s time. Download Touhou Dungeon Battle mod to collect the most potent female warriors to join the fight with monsters.

Download Touhou Dungeon Battle MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/Damage/Defense) for Android

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