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SURVIVOR ISLAND is a shooting action game with a relatively simple design. But it is this simplicity that gives an indescribable charm. Surviving on a deserted island has never been easy, but players must now overcome this challenge. Players can explore many challenges and modes in this desert island game. Control puppets with all blue or red bodies. Perform top-notch aiming with slingshots to break all the boxes on this island. There are many new game modes that players can freely explore every day. Along with that is the exciting and attractive gameplay.

After a reluctant trip, the player is taken to a deserted island. To survive here, players need to make informed decisions. In addition, it is also necessary to practice and show off your special aiming skills. Challenges are given regularly that require players to have intelligent strategies. After completing all the challenges the game brings, players will have hope to escape from here. Then a boat moves near the island and takes you back to the mainland. If the challenge is not overcome, the player will have to stay here and live with the strange creatures of this place without being able to return home.


Download SURVIVOR ISLAND mod – Use slingshot proficiently to complete the challenge.

Players are brought to a location with many challenges waiting ahead. A doll appears on the screen, which is the character the player needs to control. The player needs to hold down on the surface when you want to use a slingshot to shoot at an obstacle. Then a yellow line appears on the screen; every time you hold down and move your hand, this yellow line also moves. This line points in the right direction and can accurately attack the target you need to destroy. Players need to release their hands to attack the obstacle before them.


Various challenges

The highlight through each level that SURVIVOR ISLAND brings lies in the challenges that players must overcome. As a level game, the difficulty is proportional to the number of decks played. The later requirements you need to meet will be more difficult and wacky. For example, a player needs to stand at a specified distance. Then shoot the bullets towards the small blue square boxes placed on tall poles. Or pass the horizontal bars placed continuously along the way with the barriers. Shoot down all the horizontal bars, jump over the carpet of spikes, and get ahead of all opponents to take the top position in the leaderboard.


Game mode

SURVIVOR ISLAND offers two main modes that players can refer to. It is a team fighting or an individual fighting to train yourself. If it’s a team fight, players are placed in a group and participate in a relay competition. Each person will complete a section corresponding to the opposing team as well. Then whoever finishes first is the winner. There is also a personal battle when the player wants to play singles with another character. This can also be considered an opportunity for players to practice skills and enhance their fighting ability. Improve your skills every day to win more levels.


Gameplay route

In wars, as is known, players have countless challenges to overcome. Without instructions, players can completely lose their way. That’s why, on this challenging road, SURVIVOR ISLAND provides navigational arrows. They are translucent white and appear continuously on the battle route. Players only need to track details and move toward these arrows. That way, it’s not difficult to win quickly. At the end of each track, there are also symbolic flags of each team, from which players can quickly identify the destination.


In the game, disputes are inevitable. Therefore, the existence of a referee is indispensable in addition to two teams with blue and red dolls. There is another doll whose entire body is yellow and who wears a black shirt. This is the referee of the match, controlling all commands. When the player sees this referee, he hits the drum with the hammer in his hand. This is the signal for the race to start; you need to control your character to move quickly. Download SURVIVOR ISLAND mod to navigate all the dolls participating in the slingshot battle.

Download SURVIVOR ISLAND MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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