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If you are a professional chef or an amateur and want to experience new and creative dishes, then Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game is the first choice for you. Stepping in here, you can admire your own international 5-star restaurant model. Not only that, you can even hire different international staff and chefs to give your customers a variety of special experiences through food. With the creativity and intelligence of the players, can this restaurant be successful and attract millions of diners to visit?

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game


When setting foot here, players are role-playing the mission of a chef. You can showcase your talents and craft by preparing mouth-watering dishes from Europe to Asia, from appetizers to desserts. You will have to satisfy the customer’s taste with experience and immediately embark on this path. It can be a dish cooked, grilled, or even steamed or boiled.

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game


You have been assigned a restaurant business by Star Chef 2, which is the foundation for your growth in this culinary war. Besides the great food, the restaurant’s beauty also plays an essential role in attracting diners. We allow you to choose furniture such as tables and chairs, flower pots, or even the most minor things like spoons and tablecloths. Use your creativity to make the restaurant unique and beautiful in diners’ eyes.

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game


Players are constantly learning to create completely new recipes. With more than 200 recipes already available, you can use this as a premise for the flourishing development later. This is an invaluable asset that no one can have, so whether your restaurant is successful or not depends on the formula quite a lot. From pizza, meatloaf to side dishes like french fries, you can be addicted.

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game


Chef Star Chef 2 will take your restaurant to the next level with its appearance and allow you to hire more chefs from all over the world. This is considered a breakthrough in this game genre. You hire them as employees and are also friends and associates who help this place prosper. Thanks to this, you also learn more and expand the style of dishes in this battle.


Not stopping there, Star Chef 2 constantly brings you the most exciting experiences. We take you on an adventure with hundreds of delicious dishes. Now, adding a new twist to this empire, you are provided with a special vegetable garden. This place will be the place to produce fresh and clean ingredients for your restaurant. This is a unique advantage when you have both saved money and time to search for goods. At the same time, you are also tasked with becoming a reluctant farm owner.

Star Chef 2: Restaurant Game


Besides building a business restaurant and developing it with a passion for cooking great food for your diners, you can participate on a small to large scale. You will be placed in a competitive ranking with hundreds of different talented chefs. PVP tournaments judged on skill criteria are waiting for you to conquer. Through this, players can learn and connect with many new friends to upgrade their own level and cooking skills.

  • Transform into a professional chef conquering dishes.
  • Manage legendary restaurants around the world.
  • Hire top chefs to help your career.
  • Take care of the green vegetable garden after stressful working hours.
  • Participate in competitive leaderboard competitions.

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