Sleepin Deeply v1.0.0.33 APK (Full Game) Download

Despite the name, Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply is not about suicide or despair. Shake the overweight guy out of his endless dream! This is the next episode in the ongoing video game saga Suicide Guy.

The opening scene of Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply takes place from a man’s first-person perspective on a rooftop. Suddenly, he trips and awakens on the floor. However, it was only a dream. The game begins in the living room, where a large middle-aged man lounges in front of the television while drinking a beer. None of this would have occurred if he hadn’t gotten drunk, fallen asleep, and dropped the beer bottle on the floor. The action shifts again in a split second before the beer bottle crashes. At a food stand this time, the image on the screen is of a beer bottle about to burst. Apparently, he’s trapped in the dream and can’t wake up. And now it’s up to you to rescue him from that never-ending nightmare.

The game’s opening minute features just such a bizarre and baffling narrative explanation. As the plot of Sleepin’ Deeply is inspired by the film Inception, the protagonist, Suicide Guy, warns that the dream sequences may be perplexing to some. Like in the film “Inception,” if you die in a dream, there is no way to escape the hereafter known as “Limbo.” There’s no doubt that you’ll be refreshed after a good night’s rest. For the main character to commit suicide in his dreams, you must do all in your power to aid him in this endeavor in Suicide Guy. The adventures of this inebriated man may seem simple at first glance, but solving them is a challenging component of a highly interactive puzzle game. Bring him back to earth, if you please. The game’s environments are inspired by well-known films, such as Star Wars spaceships, Indiana Jones’ labyrinth, and Harry Potter’s enchanted library. Get your character to murder himself no matter what.

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