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Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked – an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic was first released in April, 2013. Unlike the vast majority of today’s survival games, the game does not take post-apocalyptic settings, instead,  the game has a very long and thrilling storyline like a private universe. Players will start the game in a vague way but gradually the story behind will be revealed. Because of the uniqueness and novelty that the game has been welcomed by a large number of players who like the survival game genre. There are even game-loving communities that have been created to exchange knowledge.

It is also because of the success of the original game that has created a great motivation for game developer Klei Entertainment to create extended game parts. Three download content versions are Reign of Giants, Shipwrecked and Hamlet, which were released in 2014, 2015 and 2018 respectively.

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Attractive plot with unique gothic-like graphics

The original plot of the game begins with the character Wilson, a doctoral guy who loves science but often fails in his experiments. One day a strange voice rang out on the radio promising to give him the knowledge to do experiments, but in return he would have to help a stranger build a portal. When the gate was completed, a voice resounded prompting Wilson to open the gate, the gate opened, and dragged Wilson into a completely alien world. This world is full of bizarre creatures that are always chasing Wilson and this is when the player’s survival journey in the character Wilson begins.

Survival in a strange and harsh world is completely impossible. That is why the character Wilson will sooner or later die. But the strange thing is that he did not actually die, but was sent to another parallel world again and continued his journey of survival. Just like that, the player’s Wilson character will die and come back to life countless times, each time the player will receive some experience points and receive a reward each time he levels up. Every resurrection is also an opportunity for players to learn their lessons, such as always carrying a torch at night if you do not want to put yourself in danger. Towards the end of the adventure players face off against the man who brought Wilson to this world and understand the story behind the game.

In addition to the plot, the game’s graphics are no less unique. With gothic-style graphics, the overall game brings a feeling of ghost and somewhat scary, a feeling that few survival games can give players. This is also the factor that attracts players at first sight without knowing what the game is about

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Variety of characters but it all starts with the letter W

As mentioned above, every time a player’s character dies, they gain experience points and unlock a new character as they level up. As mentioned above, every time a player’s character dies, they gain experience points and unlock a new character as they level up. In addition, players can also purchase new characters in expansion packs. The number of characters in the game today is very diverse, up to 23 characters, and not all characters are the same. Each character has a different personality as well as hunger, health, and sanity indexes. For instance, Willow character is immune to fire damage or WX-78 the robot can upgrade body parts but is afraid of water. For instance, the character Willow is immune to fire damage or WX-78 the robot can upgrade his body parts but is afraid of water. Isn’t it strange, did developer Klei make a mistake of repeating words or have some hidden meanings behind to increase the mystery of the story?

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Is the download content version of the game worth it?

The expansion version of the game Don’t Starve will not only bring players to a new parallel world, but also a new adventure. But this time let’s focus on the Download Content “Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked”. First revealed in July 2015 and officially launched in 2016, the game is the 2nd Download Content of the Don’t Starve series. The game will bring our main character to a tropical setting with most of the map being the sea. Unlike the sea in previous games, the ocean has been completely remade to create a whole new biome for boats. Locations like Shallow Ocean, Medium & Deep Ocean, Coral Reef Biome or even Ship Graveyard are sure to not only intrigue players, but can also scare them with potential dangers from the ocean bed.

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Besides, the weather in the game is also recreated to suit the tropical context. There are four seasons in the game namely Mild Season, Hurricane Season, Monsoon Season, Dry Season along with four equally quirky weather phenomena namely Strong Winds, Hailstorms, Flooding and Volcanic Eruptions. It must be said that it is quite similar to the human world except for the elimination of all the “normal” phenomena and instead of all kinds of severe natural disasters that occur constantly.

Because most of the map is sea, the developer has given players a new tab in crafting Nautical and Volcanic. With the Nautical tab, players can craft boats large and small to prepare for their ocean survival and exploration journeys. As for the Volcanic tab, players can create weapons such as machetes, axes or spears to fight monsters as well as paddles to help boats move across the sea. About the creatures in the game, they are also extremely diverse, from normal species like seagulls or jellyfish to bizarre species like dogfish or sharkitten. There are also three bosses that the player can meet and defeat: Quacken – a giant brownish-blue creature with three eyes and many tentacles, Sealnado or Twister – a seal that always appears with a tornado and a Tiger Shark – a creature which is basically a combination of sharks and tigers. Defeating the bosses will give players extremely valuable rewards.

Not stopping there, the game also adds a lot of new things such as new items, new recipes or new trinkets. The more players play, the more players will be attracted to the magical world of the game with countless new things. Even for players familiar with the original game, it will take a lot of time and effort to get to know and explore the world of Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked.

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