Shadow Fight Arena v1.7.0 APK (Latest) Download

You’re looking for an action-adventure RPG with warriors with top hits. Shadow Fight Arena will bring you warriors for you to team up and compete in the rankings. You are ready to play the role of martial arts warriors, Ninja, or Samurai full of killing intent. Dramatic PVP battles are waiting for you to experience, start forming a team with your friends to occupy the highest rankings in the game. Equip yourself with undefeated warriors to defeat many other players in martial arts battles.

Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game


At first, players will choose for themselves a character to role-play, then you will join three other players to form a team. A team is considered perfect if every member has enough heroes with different fighting styles. This will help everyone to be able to support each other when fighting, customizing fighting styles with different types of opponents. Only when your team kills all of the enemy’s generals will victory be won. In addition, Shadow Fight Arena also allows you to fight robots when you are offline.

Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game


The samurai and the ninja each had their own distinct fighting abilities and styles. You will choose for yourself the characters you like to fight in the Shadow Fight universe. Players will feel the most realistic combat phase thanks to the unique animation design. Vibrant defense attacks take place in this breathtaking PvP combat game. The game will let you collect and upgrade your generals so that they become the best warriors. You also have access to a talent system to create your own unique play styles. Practice your ability to fight so you can increase your strength.

Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game


For you to be a formidable opponent, you need to upgrade and unlock your heroes’ abilities. Choose them with outstanding talents and must match your fighting style to be immortal against all opponents. One point that many players love when fighting generals in Shadow Fight Arena is that they can customize their own way of playing and appearance. Players who win after each battle can easily receive many worthy rewards. The items you receive will help you shape your generals more majestic.

Shadow Fight Arena — PvP Fighting game


Shadow Fight Arena always creates arenas where you can challenge other gamers. Each month will have attractive seasons with many different valuable rewards. The chests and coins you receive will help you buy decorative items for your champion. Send invitations to other players to fight right away. You can not only fight, but you can also make more like-minded friends after each match by chatting with them. The game is also designed for players a set of emoticons so that they can communicate with their opponent more happily.

Shadow Fight Arena will bring you to a series of dramatic matches. Countless heroes with combat skills are waiting to accompany you to conquer all enemies. Start relaxing with an action game so you can have fun with your friends. In addition, you can also make many new friends during the game.

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