Remote 1 APK Download 2022

Remote 1 apk is one of the best and most popular frp bypass apps. You can use this application to unlock any android smartphone.

So you reset your smartphone and now it is asking for your Gmail id and password? If you forgot the Google account details. then we recommend using Remote 1 apk for bypassing Google account verification.

Remote 1 APK

FRP is a security feature introduced for android devices. It helps users to protect their devices in case lost or stolen. But most users can’t verify their identity after resetting the device. That’s why they face a frp lock screen on their android device.

Remote 1 Apk

Right now Remote 1 app is the best frp bypass app for android devices. This application works like vnrom bypass apk. Just download this apk and use it to unlock frp on any android device.

Earlier users had no choice except to reinstall the whole Android OS. But now frp bypass process is much easier because of the apps available. Now using the Remote 1 app, you can easily bypass google account verification.

How to use Remote 1 Apk

  • First, you need to access the browser on your smartphone. You can follow the instructions we shared in this guide.
  • Next, download Remote 1 apk and install it on your device.
  • Your phone will pop up “Allow unknown sources”. Check this option.
  • After installation, open the Remote 1 app.
  • Then disable all Google services on your device.
  • Next head over to account settings on your phone’s main setting.
  • Now add a new Google account. Then delete the old Google account on your device.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, then restart your android device.

That’s it!! Now you can use your android device without worrying about the FRP lock screen.


FRP bypass on android phones is easy. Just download the latest version of Remote 1 apk and follow the steps mentioned above. This way you will be able to remove frp lock on your smartphone. We also recommend using the RomFast apk in case this app doesn’t work for you.

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