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Based on the movie Dreamworks, Real Steel is a role-playing game in the war of Robot warriors with rich and unique gameplay. Players will be able to participate in two new game modes, including Tournament and Survival mode, like the movie’s plot with their favorite characters. Starring Hugh Jackman, boxing action has become high-tech in this undercover world. Players will lead their robot iron to join the wars against heavier steel opponents and bring them the exciting experience of this fascinating game.

Real Steel


To enjoy great levels, Real Steel has added new features to make it easier for them to use and experience. There is a lot of fun for you in this unique game, and you will have a chance to get Courageous Barrage of Metal – the amazing new Valor the game offers for you to use and fight with many characters stronger.

Digging deep to find the core of the energy of endurance, courage, and bravery are prominent things that newcomers want to explore in the game. Get ready to fight in awesome events as your thumb spins your opponent in preparation for crazy and terrible action. Besides, the game has made small bug fixes and optimized some features for players to have a smoother and more perfect experience.

Real Steel


Real Steel will bring players sensational and extremely fierce battles between steel machines weighing more than 2000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall with unique features. With the power of these giant robots, the matches in the game will not be like ordinary boxing matches that can shake the stands and encourage the cheering of the audience in the arena.

This game has a special thing compared to other games in that the audience is absolutely focused on the opponents, so there will be no cheers. The physical competition of the robot warriors will be the game’s main focus, and each action creates dangerous situations for the opponent because of their strength. This game opens you up to powerful game modes with extremely beautiful action, and players can easily adjust the warriors.

Real Steel


Players can participate in two basic game modes, including tournament and survival. Each game mode will have many different levels for players to challenge and experience. Therefore, players will have more battles and won’t get bored playing in a default game mode.

You can participate in the competition or deathmatch at your will in this game with the special skills that the game provides. To win, you must prepare your robot thoroughly in all aspects before entering the challenging levels in Real Steel.


The huge robot system has up to more than 65 warriors to freely choose with a full range of different styles such as personality, strength, cold blood, and different sizes. You choose the robot that you want to role-play and control and prepare a full skill system not to be easily defeated by your opponent. You can drop your head or fall off your arm at any time because the parts of the robot come apart. Levels will always contain different difficulties and pressures, so do not underestimate your opponents.

Real Steel

Not only has a diverse robot system, but you are also allowed to customize to create unique robots in your own style. You will choose the characters available in the game and change the color, size, armor to refresh the image of the robots. However, a beautiful and unique appearance will not help you last longer in this world of steel fighters. You need to have great energy and special fighting skills. This game will make you feel the pain of being thrown on the field of competition with the role of a steel warrior with boundless strength.

This is an exciting battle role-playing game and brings you unique battles of steel warriors with newly added features. You will control the robots and defeat their enemies in different game modes. Besides, you can also customize the robot’s appearance to create new warriors in your own style. Skills will be available for you to use and fight most reasonably, creating great battles between metal robot warriors.

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