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If you are a fan of the horror puzzle game, Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is a perfect choice. The details here exude a strange indifference. You will be shocked because the details are so scary and scary. Inspired by horror legends in Japan. Each player’s move in Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break is also a mystery linked to the rest of the game’s elements. But as long as you are confident, you can completely overcome the difficult puzzles and details at the prison here. Combined with the creepy scene, there is also the contribution of a quality gloomy sound system.

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break continues the unfinished story of Mr. Meat that the manufacturer has given. As you all know, after the series of events and crimes of Mr. Meat in the previous game. He was arrested by the police and executed for his crimes after months of people yearning for him to be completed. Finally, this day has come, and of course, there will be the total attendance of the people involved in the case. But unfortunately, at that moment Mr. Meat was taken to the execution station. The device attached to his head was short-circuited, and it was through this opening that he escaped.

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Download Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break mod – Participate in the escape from the pursuit of the criminal Mr. Meat at the cold prison

Part two of this puzzle-horror series, where you play Rebecca, the daughter of the man being executed today. She was just rescued by everyone in the last part of the game. Then here, she encountered the nightmare of her life. Thinking that she would escape the cold embrace of her criminal father, she did not. She continued to fall on the path of escaping from her father in prison when he was trying to escape. From the girl’s perspective, you will have to find the answers to challenging puzzles. But only when you solve these deadlocks can you find a way out of the prison. Throughout the game is a story with tight logic.

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Thrilling gameplay

As a horror puzzle game, the element of suspense is indispensable. With Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break, you will be directly involved in this adventure. It takes place in a moldy, rotten prison that exudes a strange coldness. In addition to the pursuit of Mr. Meat, you also have to avoid the wild boar attack in this prison. You can absolutely swing at your own pace. Explore the dungeon safely in haunted house mode. Or more dramatic by confronting the criminal and his fellow prisoners head-on. Join this confrontation to expand your skills as well as solve exciting puzzles.

Mr. Meat 2 Prison Break mod apk

New route system

From the first-person perspective of the character, you will be able to transform yourself to explore the twisty streets of this prison. Rebecca is equipped with a stun gun to paralyze the pigs here. Although in the form of a pig, all of them are due to the good people being bullied by Mr. Meat donkey turned into. After encountering Mr. Meat you can return to another route to find a way out. Since it was in prison, there were a lot of bars and the doors were locked. Finding the keys to open the door is a complex problem. Don’t worry because there will be narrative text running in the corner of the screen. Try to follow the plot closely to find the loopholes.

Mr. Meat 2 Prison Break mod

Suggestion system

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break requires you to find the elements yourself to break out of the prison. Inside the prison was a completely different scene. Explore all the possible endings of the game yourself, from negative to positive, which can include the conclusion to the game. With a vast volume of puzzles, you can completely encounter secrets and difficulties in escaping. Don’t worry about being delayed. Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break provides a system of appropriate hints. They’ll give detailed instructions and directions, so you know what to do next.

Mr. Meat 2 Prison Break apk

Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break will keep you thrilling until the last minute. Until you find the way out of the prison and escape Mr. Meat is bloodthirsty. That is the final ending you need to see. Immerse yourself in a unique musical universe. Voices are recorded exclusively for this game. The strong cast of characters complements the story with more drama. The 3D interface simulates real people and details. Add realism to the gait and actions of people in the game. Download Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break mod tries to escape the control of the crazy dad.

Download Mr. Meat 2: Prison Break MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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