Photo Vault PRIVARY v3.2.2.3 Lancelot MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Photo Vault PRIVARY:Hide Photos, Videos, Documents is an application that allows users to hide files, videos, and images here along with a secure security system. You will receive encryption in many ways, from pin code to face id. This will help everything in this cabinet to be the most secure, and no one can invade. This key uses actual encryption (AES CTR); it is considered the highest security system to date.


If you need an application that can hide all the most important documents and do not want others to see them, then Photo Vault PRIVARY is the first choice for you. Coming to this world, users can choose from many methods to open the key of this closed safe. Specifically, a password with a letter or pin code, even a fingerprint and face id if the user’s mobile device supports it.


In this treasure trove, everything you put in can be organized as you like through small folders. Depending on your needs, you can easily name each category to search, identify, and create small items inside.


If anyone intends to infiltrate to steal information in many ways, Photo Vault PRIVARY will immediately identify and send a notification to you. This will help users feel secure in trusting us more in the fight to keep important and sensitive documents.


In particular, this application can create fake camouflage, not appearing on the application list as usual. Instead, although it exists in the dynamic device, touching the home screen will not see it appear as an icon. Users can even create a fake application icon to lure thieves, but actually, when accessing here, it will lead to another page with warnings.


Is Photo Vault PRIVARY different from similar apps? The answer is yes; it ensures a lot more security when everything is stored encrypted not only in the password system. It can be said that the security system of this application is highly appreciated and provides users with the highest protection function.


Don’t worry about the amount of space we can bring, the truth is that millions of files and photos and videos don’t matter to the app’s storage.

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