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Give all your love to the orphans in My City: Orphan House. That is how we can be honest and robust human beings. Build a good and spacious facility for everyone to live in. Take care of the little girls and boys as carefully as possible. Ensure their growth and compensate for the emotional deficiencies suffered. Quite a busy job but filled with pure human emotions. Can you raise them to be the talents of the next generation?

My City: Orphan House is a game in the My City product series which is extremely good for children. They were created with a single goal in mind, which is to orient children. Young adults will be creatively free to shape their personalities better. Live in a bright world where the characters are realistic dolls. Any activity you do will turn out to be correct and bring some benefit. It can completely replace the expensive doll game in real life. Cheer for the good that one person can create.

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Download My City: Orphan House mod – Create the best orphanage

Your activities will now be focused on a city orphanage. This place adopts many abandoned children of different ages. Your job will be to take care of and supervise them in their daily activities, from eating and bathing to playing and learning an average child. You will be free to give them a unique look for yourself. All changes are allowed and do not bring any negativity. It even helps us to express our interests and lifestyle the best. Show your kids that you’re a role model, like mom and dad.

Explore places

My City: Orphan House allows you to visit seven different locations. It will include a shared bedroom, a management room, a kitchen, a play area, and a classroom. The bedroom will be a place that contains a lot of bunk beds so that children can rest every day. The management room is where you will handle the paperwork and operations. The kitchen will provide delicious and nutritious food for the children every day. You will find many fun and popular games in the amusement park. Don’t forget the class because this is where each person’s knowledge of the world will be trained. You can raise children in the best conditions with all of the above.

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New characters

Before starting the journey, you can choose one of the characters to transform into. The game will add nine new characters and customize their appearance. Create an impromptu person to represent yourself on the adventure. Explore the orphanage and manage it with all your heart. In children’s eyes, you are the most extraordinary person they know. Generosity in receiving and upbringing is a prerequisite for development. There is nothing better than the orphanage you run and own. Give your immense love to lovely children.

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Connect to another version

My City: Orphan House allows you to connect to all other games by saving data to the cloud. The items you get will easily be transferred to another version of My City. Help us have a whole city and continue the journey the fastest way. You will not need to spend time starting over. Progress is also best guaranteed in the My City: Orphan House mod.

Download My City: Orphan House APK for Android

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