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Racing Fever uses moto as a vehicle to perform fierce races. With the mindset of participating in defeating four different bosses in the modes, you will have to live your life to the fullest with other stages. The racing car collection is where you have to make your choice when there are so many beautiful designs. Don’t forget to do engine checks to make sure there aren’t any problems. Move forward, outsmart your opponents and avoid the obstacles placed.

Racing Fever: Moto


Players need to perform some confirmation activities with the system to participate in the races organized by Racing Fever. One of them is language selection. At the present time, the number of languages ​​has been updated to 23 languages, players have been able to understand and fulfill the requirements from the system. When the races start, that’s when the four cameras come into play. They are responsible for shooting close-ups, shooting far away from different angles to bring about the best footage. From there, any racer can self-identify mistakes and correct them.

Racing Fever: Moto


Visiting Racing Fever’s collection of motorcycles, players can’t help but be surprised by their diversity. About 16 different models with different engine shapes and qualities will be launched. You can choose a car you want by qualifying and unlocking it, and vehicles in the range you own will be licensed to do the upgrades and reconfigurations at your discretion. Refresh everything and start a new tournament.

Racing Fever: Moto

When participating in the race, you will have to go through different levels in many modes. There will be four bosses who are strong opponents that need you to put all your strength to fight back. Choose the arena and run faster to meet them soon at the end of the race. You need to keep in mind that they are not simple; you need experience and strong motivation to avoid the traps set up on the street. Race with friends from around the world in a variety of weathers, spanning the seasons to uncover an exciting story. You can overcome anything to become the champion!

Racing Fever: Moto


Dashboard in Racing Fever when you use anything, tap the virtual joystick or tilt your phone to control the car. Choose what makes you feel comfortable and stable to start racing now. We provide performance-related information in the installation directory in the hope that you can get a better understanding of what is going on.

Discover other extraordinary modes, such as escape mode with a set of numbers. Now the speed will be limited, break that boundary and make the police chase you. Only you with patrol cars do not stop on the road; rush forward. The system allows you to get more rewards, enhancing the different matches every day. Like roll call activities, when you join them, rewards will be distributed. Finally, go into the private mode to experience your own racing as you can manipulate to reset various stats like weather, traffic, and police. Will you win by making the rules?

Racing Fever: Moto


Racing Fever races with many powerful racers from different regions of the world. With the desire to master the fierce matches, they can put in effort and time for this particular race. Quests will be suggested every day; when you complete them, the rewards you get will be huge. In addition, winning the championship in many modes and defeating the boss in different races is a feat. Get up to speed and make your name the most powerful racer!


– Join the speed race under the observation and recording of the camera in 4 different perspectives.
– Choose the moto that makes you happy and perform tasks such as upgrading old cars, unlocking new cars, and owning the entire collection.
– Accelerate the car by tilting the phone or moving the joystick.
– Set up the racing rules yourself or make escapes from the police depending on the mode.
– Receive countless valuable rewards in accordance with the effort that the whole race you have spent.

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