Monsters Crush Clicker v1.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Grab your weapon, call forth some new companions, and get ready for a battle adventure! In this battling idle game, you must tap and click to defeat the many monsters and titans!

The planet is currently being ruled by giants and other enormous monsters. You are the hero we need to bring peace to the nation, and we look to you to do it! You, as the commander, are tasked with grabbing your sword and completing the mission to conquer the world alongside your courageous comrades and even a unicorn. You have the ability to call them and improve them as you go. The only way to bring peace to the nation is to wipe off the evil forces and spend the money you collect on upgrading your hero.

You are about to face terrifying beasts, enormous titan bosses, and courageous heroes. Fight your way through ice and fire with your team of clicker heroes as you take on mighty giants and monsters. You may get started on your very own action-packed escapade as soon as you download the idle game Monsters Crush Clicker.


  • Tap the screen to deal damage to the creatures as quickly as you can.
  • Simply tapping the screen will call your pals to your aid.
  • Tap the screen to gather the spoils of your win.
  • You may level up your heroes by tapping.
  • Tap to have a good time!

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