Mental Hospital V v2.00 APK + OBB (Full Game) Download

Explore the halls of the asylum in Mental Hospital V, a first-person horror game available on Android. The entire team working on the game is discovered dead after the mysterious disappearance of a journalist named Mark at a mental institution. Mark is brought to the hospital by his sick sibling, and during his investigation, he must brave the hospital’s eerie corridors and expose the facility’s deepest, darkest secrets. In this game, the player must discover who Alice is and make a difficult decision that could mean the difference between my brother’s and his survival. Attempt to escape this potentially disastrous situation and decide what to do.

Mental Hospital V is a first-person survival horror game with stunning visuals and a terrifying atmosphere. In this atmospheric horror game, you will encounter terrifying moments full of intense pursuit and terrifying monsters. You should never, ever play alone in the dark. Journalist Mark conducts a brief investigation of the facility at the start of Mental Hospital V. They all died mysteriously, and he vanished. His brother has started a search for answers. While trying to piece together what happened and who Elise is, you’re faced with a difficult decision: risk your life to save your brother or stay alive and figure out what’s going on. A difficult task requires your assistance. There is always an escape route!

There are seven compelling reasons to seek Mental Hospital V immediately. The game contains numerous dangerous animals and monsters. There is also a large number of playable levels. You can use this video camera to record clear footage even when the lights are turned off. You can’t ignore such an exciting and unexpected plot. The game’s graphics look great on mobile devices, and there are no microtransactions. This game has everything a horror fan could want: frantic gameplay, terrifying monsters, startled players, and a haunting atmosphere.

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