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Love Affairs takes you to romantic love stories, where you can fly with those emotions. This is an exciting simulation game; players will control their characters to participate in exciting love stories. Besides the very romantic love stories, there will also be scenes of jealousy and anger that players are looking forward to. More interesting is that the player will choose the context and choose that story’s ending.

Love Affairs : story gameLove Affairs : story game


This attractive simulation game is also a particular point that each player should not miss. Players will be able to choose their own character, which can be a hot girl but still retain the beauty of an elegant guy. Stepping into an exciting context, you will easily come up with ways to handle the situation. This story that you build represents a unique beauty that we should witness.

The special of this game is that Love Affairs gives you a series of situations, and you have the right to choose. Each set will be an exciting story, and once you enter here, you should master all the challenges. Besides, both characters’ lives will also be a bit difficult, and let’s overcome those difficulties to be happy together for life. This beautiful love story will weave many other admirable results.

Love Affairs : story gameLove Affairs : story game


Weak love stories will take place, but besides that, there will be storms for new couples in love. Differences in thinking, as well as inconsistencies in activities, will also cause some conflicts. Each story is also a unique aspect that you have to go through. Love Affairs will also give you more funny moments that you have to overcome before continuing. Should stop or continue, only you and the other party can know.

Love Affairs : story gameLove Affairs : story game


Besides the romantic love story, you will have yourself in an entirely correct direction. Especially the program also wants you to collect unique cards, and each card will be a lucky charm for your love. The more cards you collect, the better your love story will become. Join your partner in challenges to get to know each other better. Your love story in Love Affairs will have the best ending!

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