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Lollipop is a match-three game where players will complete the requirements and get awe-inspiring results. You will have easy access to the gameplay of this game, and it will take a long time to complete all of its levels. At the same time, there will always be support elements to help you quickly complete the level.


You will enter an awe-inspiring and beautiful world of lollipops and complete match-three levels in Lollipop. You will create links between lollipops of the same color and, from there, will create completely impressive combos to complete this game in the best way. So over time, you will be able to continue to face challenging elements from the objective that you will be forced to complete the level.

In the new version of the game, players will find some levels added and lengthened the player’s journey to completing the game. At the same time, the developer also rebalanced the difficulty level of some that play so that players can easily pass.

Lollipop : Link & Match


The match-three genre appeared for a long time, associated with many players because of the fun, and the Lollipop gameplay possesses some characteristics of this genre. You will match more than three candies of the same color to create a match and collect what you feel is necessary. Also, instead of moving an element to a new location, you connect lines between elements that are close together, and depending on how many you create, different boosters appear.

The booster element is always exciting in many match-three games because of its usefulness. So to create a booster effect, you will need to meet the link of many candies. For example, when you connect five candies of the same color, a booster arrow will appear and help you destroy many elements placed in the direction it points to. As the number of candies matched increases, the destruction of the boosters will increase and eliminate more elements in more directions.

Lollipop : Link & Match


The first stages you experience in Lollipop will be so easy that you will be able to complete them quickly, and of course, that is just the beginning of your challenging journey. Specifically, the increased number of levels requiring the requirements you make in the game will also become more complex. In other words, it is no longer a requirement to collect a certain amount of candy in the level, but sometimes it will be to destroy an object.

The common feature of these levels is the requirements you need to complete and the moves you can perform. The level only fails when the moves run out, and the request has not been completed. So you are forced to keep playing that level again to get better results. The results in each level are shown in the score and number of stars you receive. If you complete the level and have extra moves left, boosters will be automatically added and cause explosions for more points.

Lollipop : Link & MatchLollipop : Link & Match

A match-three world that gives you many unique elements:

  • A world with completely casual and bright lollipops attracts players on the first experience.
  • The gameplay system is entirely understandable and makes it easy for players to access, but it will be challenging to master it.
  • The player must complete many levels with varied objectives and achieve high results.
  • An achievement system that reflects what happens in the game and the player’s performance.
  • Many boosters are entirely optional for the player to use and depend on the number of lollipops linked together.

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