Let’s Journey v1.1.01 MOD APK (Menu: God Mode, Money) Download

Let’s Journey is a role-playing game with simple but addictive RPG clicker gameplay. You will experience exciting action gameplay in the style of touch controls, and the context is set up with a horizontal screen. You will become the hero you love and join the battle with the enemies to unlock new skills. Besides, the game also owns beautiful 2D graphics with diverse designs unique and cute character collections.

Let's Journey-idle clicker RPG


With straightforward gameplay and vivid graphics, Let’s Journey is an excellent game for you to entertain after hours of stressful and tiring studying. In this game, you will be transformed into a hunter and overcome challenging obstacles to find your dragon.

You will face ferocious opponents such as reptiles, mushrooms, and savage insects in,… All monsters are classified according to different levels for you to explore and experience throughout the game. In addition, you can also break chests, loot, use gold coins to travel through many different locations, and fight evil monsters.

Let's Journey-idle clicker RPG


At the beginning of the game, you will play as a hunter, then roll the dice and join your adventure. Your task is to control the character to fight the enemy and determine if a dragon is right for you. Next, you will have to participate in an arduous cross-continental battle with your dragon and try to overcome all challenges.

You will receive gold coins corresponding to your fighting ability if you win each match. You can use this money to upgrade your character and unlock new items to increase your character’s strength, helping you easily defeat all opponents. Besides using the unique skills of your favorite character, the game also allows you to use your own magic in emergencies to turn the situation around.

Let's Journey-idle clicker RPG


In this journey, you will confront many different evil bosses with strange shapes; the monsters are classified from easy to difficult. They can be mutant plants, a box with fangs, insects, or a skeleton,… Keep fighting, and don’t stop while your warriors still have health because they still have the strength to attack the public at any time. The challenges in the game are unpredictable, but the gameplay mechanics remain the same.

Let's Journey-idle clicker RPG


Let’s Journey offers many different hero characters for you to choose from with their own unique appearance and skills. At the same time, each character will also have its own advantages and disadvantages expressed through the attack, speed, and defense stats in each attack to control appropriately and take full advantage of each character’s attack. Do not forget to choose and upgrade the character’s skills to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

As for the skill, you can easily learn it right in the match. Or, at some point, you can unlock skill upgrades for you to choose from and use in prolonged attacks. Simply tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to activate one of the unlocked moves, making your character even more powerful. Besides, you can also use your gold coins to unlock those new skills.

Let's Journey-idle clicker RPG


  • The game context changes flexibly with the screen scrolling style from left to right like a wild jungle scene with great ancient architectures, allowing you to enjoy wonderful scenes.
  • Impressive 2D graphics with a classic design style and also a bit of realism, the game has a quality investment in character images, context, and combat effects, giving players a sense of relaxation while playing the game.
  • The character system is diverse with unique looks and skills for you to choose from, and each character’s attack, defense, and speed will be different, so you need to be reminded before choosing.
  • Visit many fascinating locations in an endless adventure and fight hundreds of powerful monsters and bosses to learn new skills and collect gold coins for your hero character.
  • Collect a collection of heroes and trophies to defeat various monsters to become the most robust character in the game and receive valuable rewards for victory.

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