Jewel Poseidon v2.16.0 MOD APK (Auto Win) Download

Jewel Poseidon brings us a new experience environment; players will get lost in the paradise of the sea. This is the giant game conquering those sentences today, immersed in the vast ocean, where exciting things are happening in its sequence. This game has a modern twist, and players will receive a series of different challenges. Each challenge will be more interesting, and from there, you can see the charm of this game. Conquer these difficulties and bring glory to victory.

Jewel Poseidon


The ocean environment will be the ideal place for you to join the challenge. Each challenge will go through an area and meet beautiful friends. The most exciting thing is that this vast ocean has friends who always extend their arms to help if you need it. The special thing is that sometimes there are exciting features, but occasionally significant challenges force you to overcome them.

Players will go through each area and find the secret box. This box can be a base map showing you where the treasure is or a challenge that needs your thinking. Each box will hide many surprises that we need to discover. More unique is that when solving puzzles, you will receive exciting help rights from friends to quickly complete the challenge and set out to find the huge treasure.

Jewel Poseidon


Even so, the challenge will not end but will continue to test your courage. The more you challenge, the more you show your true abilities, and from there, you take the lead in Jewel Poseidon. In the boxes that require you to solve puzzles, choose the stones of different colors and shapes that converge on one point; you will win. Moreover, it is necessary to align the time appropriately because you will be one step back from the original if the time ends.

Jewel Poseidon


You have both joined the challenge and restored your strength to fight the fierce sea monsters. The challenge is getting bigger and bigger, and forced to need help from friends. Besides, Jewel Poseidon also gives you more support items if you encounter the worst situation. And the map is also quickly launched so you can quickly get to the location where the huge treasure is hidden.

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