Jelly Shift – Obstacle Course v1.8.30 MOD APK (God Mode) Download

Are you passionate about jellies or not? Then Jelly Shift will allow you to be the trainer of these lovely jelly. This novel game will allow you to control the jelly to overcome obstacles and transform to pass through the iron frame. A special feature is that the jellies will form many different shapes to better suit the game’s requirements. Let’s win the overall and own as many jellies as you can.

Jelly Shift – Obstacle CourseJelly Shift – Obstacle Course


You will be the guide in charge of controlling your lovely jelly in this game. You will be given the option of selecting any jelly from Jelly Shift’s collection and then attempting the challenge. The main aim is to move the jelly through massive iron frames of various shapes. It would be beneficial if you bent so that the jelly aligned with the frame, allowing it to travel through more smoothly and swiftly.

Players will receive a series of significant challenges that the game offers, and these challenges will vary from level to level. The difficulty will increase gradually with each level, which is also the difficult thing you have to overcome. The special feature is that you will have to let the jelly be deformed and flow down exactly with the iron frame to be able to get through. But do not let the jellies flow too much so as not to lose weight.


You have chosen a satisfactory jelly, the next thing to do is to register for big competitions. After you pass the normal preliminaries, you will be able to go directly to more big rounds. It would help if you prepared your jelly with solid baggage, with enough flex and certain flexibility to easily slip through the large iron frames that the game offers.

You also need to follow a certain route on that track, and the special point is not to deviate. Use the characteristic flexing features to get through the large obstacles that the game presents easily. You need to pay attention to the point to watch the right time because time is the decisive factor to win. It would help if you crushed other jellies to make your way to victory. Starting a few seconds faster will also change the game’s outcome, and you also need to start quickly when the whistle blows.

Jelly Shift – Obstacle CourseJelly Shift – Obstacle Course


The last thing you need to do is win that race. Each race will have its own meaning, and then there are great rewards. Each gift is a surprise that the world of marshmallows wants to give you, lovely jellies. It would help if you collected the most jellies to fill your beloved home and turn it into an impressive display.

Jelly Shift allows you to perform the highest jumps through this, which is also the super product you enjoy. Players will show their ability to bend jelly, allowing them to flow or create strokes with the most excellent ease. Players should also take on every challenge the game asks and then claim the biggest win. The main attraction is that the jellies will have many different shapes, be it fruit jelly or lovely animal jelly.


  • Own lovely, lovely jellies and take on the significant challenges that the game offers you.
  • Always create specific shapes to easily pass through the iron frames and obstacles of the game.
  • Choose a custom challenge and go on a great race with your friends.
  • Make sure that within the allotted time, you have created a shape that coincides with the iron frame to get through easily
  • Conquer the significant challenges that the game offers to receive great prizes on the destination side.
  • Receive different challenges and get helpful help from the game.

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