Infinite Flight Simulator v23.1 MOD APK (Patched, All Unlocked) Download

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator is a unique aerial flight simulation game, giving players the most comprehensive experience on mobile devices. Whether you are a new player or a trained pilot, you can test this exciting game and be able to explore the poetic landscapes of different parts of the world from the point of view. This game has exceptionally high quality and detailed graphics so that players can enjoy the beauty of the sky outside the glass door.

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator


Infinite Flight offers players a beautiful 3D graphics mode and vivid flying space. Many areas in the game have sharp satellite images; the terrain is exactly like in real life. You’ll need to look at satellite imagery to see where you’re going and pinpoint where you’re going. The terrain in the game is designed very realistically; the hills or the land are sketched in detail, giving players a more realistic feeling when flying the plane.

In addition, the main airports are very modern, with clear, precise runway and taxiway layouts. Many vehicles are present at the airport, such as trucks, cars, coaches, creating a bustling airport. Every part of the plane is simulated precisely like in real life, and so are all weather conditions out in the air. The atmosphere, the sun, the moon, and the stars can all appear in outer space, giving players a direct view of the fantastic beauty of the planet.

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator


Aerial atmospheres such as clouds, overhead winds, day/night cycles are all simulated in 3D, and you can customize these features to explore. You will be able to explore the world using 15m/px HD satellite terrain images for a better overview. Real-world navigation data, including spaceflight, NAVAID, SID, STAR, and approach, are provided by NavBlue for players to experience more realistic and smoother flights.

The instructor will train you to control the aircraft so that you can become a real pilot. Besides, you will also be instructed and learn more about the technical parameters, driving speed in each weather condition to change. Infinite Flight supports autopilot with controlled parameters and can automatically land on certain planes for players.

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator


You will experience in multiplayer mode with thousands of other pilots around the world. This will help you get experience in many different positions in the plane; you will play as a pilot and be a school squad or an air traffic controller. You can use flight planning systems and navigation aids to determine where to fly and get the best flights.

Daily activities and group flights in Infinite Flight are offered regularly for players to join and experience. You will be flying with many other members in group flights that can also support each other in multiple locations. You will have to complete many flights in a day to complete the mission set by the game, and help you increase your control skills and become more proficient through many flights.

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator


There are dozens of aircraft in a fleet, including aviation aircraft, military aircraft, for players to choose and explore. You can fly thousands of miles and enjoy sharp, high-quality scenery. In particular, you have access to more than 25,000 different airports worldwide to be able to explore the terrain of many places. Each aircraft will have its own characteristics and advantages to fly in a variety of extreme weather conditions.

Global movement data, just like in the real world, will save data about altitude, specifications as you move. You can also view the current data directly on the monitor screen. For precise control, you need to have the correct proportions in the controls as well as control the tilt of the plane and the speed of the plane. In particular, the sound of the reality of the game allows players to feel like flying a real plane in real life.

Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator

This is a fantastic flight simulator game for those who like a real flying experience. The game offers 3D graphics and a friendly user interface for the player to have an easy experience. You can customize the weather, time, location, and type of aircraft you want to fly for a perfect flight and safe landing.


  • A varied fleet of airliners, general aviation, and military aircraft totals dozens of aircraft (subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro to unlock all aircraft)
  • Multiple areas with high-resolution satellite images, correct terrain, and exact runway and taxiway layouts for all major airports
  • A growing collection of 3D airports may be found all around the globe.
  • NavBlue provides real-time navigation data such as airspaces, NAVAIDs, SIDs, STARs, and approaches (an Airbus Company)
  • Moment of day and weather conditions might be changed at any time (real-time or custom)
  • The sun, moon, stars, clouds, and low-level fog create realistic atmospherics.
  • Autopilot is a term used to describe a (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan, and auto land on select aircraft)
  • Flight planning system with precise fixes and Navigational Aids is simple to use.
  • Start-up and shutdown of the engine
  • Landing System for Instruments (ILS)
  • Replay system with advanced features
  • Configuration of weight and balance
  • On specific aircraft, animations of the cockpit and doors, suspension movements, and wing flex are available.

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