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Idle Zombie Defense is a city defence game against hordes of evil zombies. Building an elite army is a combination of the most talented soldiers in the team. A post-apocalyptic world of poisonous zombies moving back and forth is not new. Bringing peace and killing zombies is the top task that you must perform. With a relatively simple design, your character and the zombie team are stick people with different colours. In addition, it is equipped with all the necessary weapons and equipment. Players must always be ready to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

Your elite team of heroes needs strength to stop the monsters from moving to this base. Or means you must create a protective barrier when your team is exhausted and eaten by zombies. Just have a hole, and they move inside your base. This means you have lost and must start the game from the beginning. Changing the tactics and positions of soldiers in your team is essential. The player may have to change the soldiers participating in this battle if it is too difficult. The game offers levels from easy to challenging for players to get used to.

Idle Zombie Defense android

Download Idle Zombie Defense – Defend the base from the invasion of the zombie team.

You are taken to a specific location, where a group of zombies is waiting. After determining the team of soldiers that you bring into the game. A series of translucent white squares appear; the number of these cells depends on your ability later. Initially, you only get three yards. Each square corresponds to the position of each soldier you have in the team. You need to drag and drop the characters to your desired place after feeling satisfied with the work of the soldiers in the group. You can officially press the start button for the fight to break out. Then wait for the victory to come with your army of soldiers.

Idle Zombie Defense apk

Various soldiers

Your team of elite soldiers is a collection of many different combat elements. It is this combination that gives you the best defence team. Each fight in a different style, using an other type of ammo. From warriors who use pistols, cannons, and rifles. Or soldiers using grenades to attack the enemy. There are also warriors wearing green military uniforms, holding laser guns continuously pointing at their opponents. Create a harmonious combination by placing each person logically. Depending on the level of the warriors, they can affect the force differently.

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Various locations

If you keep fighting in the same position, the player may get bored and not want to continue the screen. Because of this concern, the game offers diverse locations for players to explore from the streets of the modern city or above a bridge over a wide river. In addition to the iron bridge spanning the two cities, a wooden bridge connects two small islands—the emergence of a team of zombies from within a graveyard through the separating door. There are also countless new cities that players can explore after succeeding in many battles. Each location brings a new feeling and new gameplay.

Idle Zombie Defense mod apk

City construction

Thanks to the battles, players can accumulate gold coins. From there, you can unlock many deserted islands in the vast ocean. Once they own these islands, players naturally desire to make them their own. By building more exciting places on the islands you own. Weapons warehouses, training camp areas, specialized portals, etc. After building and completing their city, the player must also protect the island. Because groups of zombies know the existence of new islands, they will move here to destroy and raze this place.

Idle Zombie Defense mod

For the army to be more vital day by day, it is necessary to upgrade the heroes. Each time the player wins, the player receives rewards that are heroes at the base level, with two heroes of the same function and story combined. Players can own a hero with more vital attack stats. From there can use many new weapons that the game offers. Download Idle Zombie Defense mod to build a robust, elite army to prevent invading zombies.

Download Idle Zombie Defense MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/VIP Unlocked) for Android

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