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Idle Hero Clan is a simulation game where you become the trainer of a mercenary training camp. You will set foot in a peaceful, beautiful forest named Sarah. This is home to countless flora and fauna and warriors. This peace ended when the monsters discovered the existence of the woods. They came rushing in, attacking, killing to take over Sarah. To prevent it, the jungle warriors stood together, fighting the monsters. Your mission is to assemble a real army. Many young men from the kingdom wish to join you.

This army is trained to protect the kingdom from ancient evil forces. Come up with the best strategies for your army. Upgrade the stats of the heroes in the team to make the military more powerful. Get the best weapons and armour for your army and complete your mission. After undergoing rigorous training, it was time for them to fight on the battlefield. You can research the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses in advance. From there, launch an army of soldiers with the corresponding destruction ability. Anticipate the moves of the monster team and launch unexpected counterattacks.

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Download Idle Hero Clan mod – Build a mighty army against monsters to protect Sarah’s forest.

Your kingdom is divided into many areas and separated from the outside world by a strong wall. Inside there are people’s activities and training camps. This is a substantial rear for the warriors fighting on the front lines. You build many houses inside this farm to bring in passive income while your army is fighting. In addition, the quests to fight monsters also bring in a large amount of money. Collect medals with yellow crown symbols and purple diamonds.

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Five types of heroes

The monsters that specialize in destroying your kingdom are incredibly fierce. Therefore, the game offers five types of heroes of different fighting styles. This head helps you to build a perfect army with many fighting styles. This team consisted of ordinary warriors, rune warriors, rangers, and monster and witch hunters. Each person has unique power, and the attack method is different. Build and arrange the squad so that the warrior classes can combine harmoniously with each other. Make full use of their abilities to complement each other in battle. The ranged warriors combined with the defence team and the magic team.

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Hero Training

To be able to build the most powerful army, players need to train their army actively. Build dedicated areas and expand them to accommodate all your warriors—area of straw scarecrows, where your warriors can teach attack moves. Or the site dedicated to archery warriors with aiming targets was built. Ancient spells cannot be ignored. This can be a secret weapon that makes the enemy unpredictable. Select training programs suitable for each class of warriors to develop their full potential.

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The facilities and prosperity of the kingdom depend on your ability. Farm life also needed to meet all the needs of soldiers. When morale is raised, the fighting ability of the characters is also more robust. In addition to building training areas, players must make more dormitories, canteens and pubs. These areas are also the place to bring in a passive source of money for you. Thus, just meeting the needs of the warriors, you can also earn more money. Players can also expand and upgrade these buildings, thereby shortening the period of profit, and the amount of money is also more significant.

Idle Hero Clan mod

Once both the rear and the front lines are in place, the player can bring his army to fight the army of monsters, at the cave area where the monsters live. A group of troops come and confront the enemy team here. When the player destroys the enemy’s entire army, the player can lead the army back to the kingdom. In this tough fight, players may face boss bosses. They stood behind and manipulated the monsters in their service with their supreme power. Download the Idle Hero Clan mod to build the perfect battle squad to protect Sarah’s forest from evil monsters.

Download Idle Hero Clan MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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