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Idle Gym Life is a simulation game set in a gym. Play as a guy who is obese, lazy and refuses to exercise regularly. After months of bad luck and being mocked for his looks, the hero finally got up and got through this. The road to becoming a man with a standard body only needs a long process. Your task is to take care of a fat man’s body, help him train to become a 6-pack male god. Initially, you need to help the game character lose weight and aim for a standard body. There are many exercises, each activity will burn excess fat to bring a toned body.

When completing the mission, you also get the reward. When you have strong muscles, joining a boxing competition with an opponent is time. Idle Gym Life brings you exciting virtual training games. When participating, you will have moments of entertainment and become a practical assistant in sports because the match integrates exercises according to the character to transform themselves to the point of being unrecognizable. During the practice, you will encounter many obstacles. Above all, fitness is not only shown through leg muscles but also through arm muscle exercises. Typical exercises include punching, kicking in doors and fighting gangsters. The game offers a positive perspective on regular exercise.

Idle Gym Life android

Download Idle Gym Life mod – Help the fat guy own a toned body and standard appearance.

Standing on a ship with an expansive ocean view, the starting point is a thin guy. The face exudes fatigue and anger; the player performs the exercises continuously. Start by lifting weights with two smoked pork thighs. Every time the player completes the training, the sweat on his body turns out. Along with that, a certain amount is added to the player’s account number. These coins help players upgrade their exercises to lose weight more effectively and quickly. Players move their hands across the screen to track the character’s body 360 degrees. At a certain level, other exercises appear and use the money to practice these exercises.

Idle Gym Life apk free

A lot of homework

New exercises appear each time the player reduces a certain number of calories. These unique exercises can work on many parts of the player’s body. Every time the practices become effective, the player’s body flashes a light. In addition to weight lifting exercises, some exercises directly impact the muscles of the player’s arms. Each activity will use different support items. For example, use two 10kg dumbbells in both hands. Or lift a wooden armchair and squat, or use dumbbells with increasing weight. The higher the level, the faster the player can reach the goal quickly.

Idle Gym Life apk

Show strength

As players have become more robust, participating in strength tests is indispensable. It helps you to reap extra rewards. In addition, they can also show their abilities after performing high-intensity exercises and maybe doing martial arts with dummy dolls. Or join a boxing game against the machine to calculate your arm strength. Boxing is also possible with the sandbag placed in the centre of the room. When the player fights, their energy level goes back to zero. Players can win and collect new rewards.

Idle Gym Life mod

Fight with an opponent.

In addition to games and dummies, players can also participate in battle with other opponents. But this game only appears when the player reaches a certain level. Muscular growth is the ability to launch a complete move. Typically, fighting with gangsters, practising punches, hammer blows, etc. In particular, each character’s effectiveness contains a massive internal force. Through these activities, the protagonist also effectively reduces fat. Destroy your opponents and obstacles to achieving a toned and healthy body.

After losing a certain amount of weight, the player can transform his body. Each time a new person appeared on the screen, a bright light appeared. Later, the body has significantly reduced fat. However, the body has become extremely large and robust. When the appearance is good, the game’s exercise is compelling. The biceps and calves are getting bigger; the six packs appear, and the inner health is very healthy. Download Idle Gym Life mod to turn a guy who is obese and self-deprecating in appearance and becomes intelligent and proud in front of others.

Download Idle Gym Life MOD APK (Unlimited Money/No ads) for Android

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