Idle Evil Clicker MOD APK 2.23.7 (Unlimited Apple/Diamonds/Ghost) Download

Idle Evil Clicker is an emerging humorous simulation game that attracts the gaming community. Players can become the Lord of the underworld. This place is engulfed in hellfire. Here you need to take charge and manage everything around this dark hell whether the player has the ability and knowledge to decide. Affect the future of this dark hell or not? You can torment the cruel souls imprisoned at the bottom of this abyss. All the spirits and demons are your staff. In addition, players also need to collect the souls of the dead to gather in this place.

After brutally torturing the souls, you can collect green gems and half-bitten apples. They can be used to upgrade your prisoner’s torture equipment. The devil is the worker, and you are the master of this place. Invest in this evil company to get maximum profit. Your company is called Evil Factory, and to be the owner of this place is not easy. Build the most brutal automatons and torturers you can create as long as it can make souls go through a miserable time.

Idle Evil Clicker android

Download Idle Evil Clicker mod – Become the Lord of Hell and run a company called Evil Factory.

The first step before collecting harmful souls is to build the torture areas in advance. The game offers squares arranged close to each other. This is the place where this torture device is located after enough time and completion of facilities. You can collect white ghosts hovering all over this hell. Each area has a demon standing guard and torturing the souls. After spending a certain amount of time, the player can get the corresponding items. Accumulate over time for Hell company to grow stronger and generate massive income.

Idle Evil Clicker mod apk

Collect souls

When hovering outside hell, the spirits of the demons are shaped like white ghosts. Once these souls have been collected, their human form will appear. With different looks and crimes, each soul has to endure its pain. After collecting by touching the white floating ghosts. Only when a certain amount is collected can it be brutally sent to the furnace of torture? Possibly a girl who committed a series of evil deeds as a human. Or a group of thugs who specialize in bullying the weak. There are thieves, robbers and many other bad elements that must be tortured.

Idle Evil Clicker mod

Torture Technique

To be able to torture a soul through the cruelest things requires drastic measures. To do this, Idle Evil Clicker has also provided players with mighty and diverse moves. For example, a pot of poison is boiling. There is always a continuous fire to boil souls. Or the soul could be tied to a wooden pole and have a boxer repeatedly punch them. There is also the possibility that the soul hangs on a target and becomes a target for the demons. In addition, it was mandatory to wash a mountain of dirty dishes. Or being pulled by a swarm of bees and stung with numerous other cruel torture techniques.

Demon Unlock

The demons serving under your command have many different characteristics and abilities. They can do a multitude of professions that are suitable for current torture jobs. Along with the unique ability is the appearance of no one else. However, they all have the common feature of possessing orange-red skin. This is because living in this hell is always on fire. For example, a demon chef is in charge of the soul pot holding a trident in his hand. Or the demon dressed in a magician’s outfit with a well-manicured moustache. There is also a learned demon wearing blue square glasses.

In addition to the pleasure of torturing cruel souls, you indulge in other activities. For example, enter the game regularly to receive daily rewards. Or participate in active activities, and earn a lot of money to upgrade the torture areas. You can also shorten the time to collect souls and collect rewards. Download Idle Evil Clicker mod to experience becoming the lord of hell running the Evil Factory company specializing in collecting evil souls.

Download Idle Evil Clicker MOD APK (Unlimited Apple/Diamonds/Ghost) for Android

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