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Opening a museum is never easy, especially a museum that displays dinosaurs. Idle Dino Museum will help you realize that dream. Become a talented curator controlling all aspects of museum-related work, from managing the excavation of dinosaur fossils to visiting visitors. Decorate and arrange the entire museum to attract as many tourists as possible. This is a vital source of money to help the museum develop and expand. Hire a lot of staff so they can arrange and do some side work for you. The larger the museum, the older and more significant the fossils attract many visitors.

They are starting from the simplest fossil mining and a not-too-big room on the city’s edge. After unearthing a satisfactory finished product, the player can place the fossil on pedestals inside the building. Combine with other decorative products of the room. Shine a light to accentuate your fossil further. Only when the museum is appropriately promoted can it attract visitors from all over the world. The team of tourists is highly diverse, with many different professions. They can be professors, doctors, astronauts, magicians, etc. If your museum satisfies and attracts them, they will pay to visit.

Idle Dino Museum android

Download Idle Dino Museum mod – Build and manage a museum displaying dinosaur fossils.

You alone cannot complete all operations quickly. Of course, no museum is complete without a dedicated management team. Players in the Idle Dino Museum can hire people to help them operate the museum, from the janitor to the tour guide. Each staff member brings unique skills and qualities to the museum. Hiring a qualified biologist can help you identify rare fossils and increase their value. Players can accompany other members to build a large team. Members support each other to develop and visit to earn more money.

Idle Dino Museum apk free

Mining fossils

As is known, to be able to have fossils on display at the museum, players need to go mining themselves. In rocky areas, your miners need to excavate the fossils in this area manually. This is also seen as a side game besides you collect idle money from the museum. Hire one or two miners to the excavation site, breaking up the rock layers above. There are many exciting gifts besides fossils waiting for you. Dinosaur fossils, gold coins, diamonds, and gems are all there. But sometimes, you dig up worthless items such as stones and animal bones. You need to spend money to unlock the most skilled miners.

Idle Dino Museum apk

Rare fossils

When you have mined many fossils, the player can bring them to display at the museum. Hidden deep under that rock layer are many different types of fossils. At the same time, everyone knows T-Rex and Triceratops. This game also offers Oviraptor, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus to explore. They all belong to many types of dinosaurs that once existed on Earth. If lucky, players also have the opportunity to own rare fossils. Each dinosaur has qualities and values that make the game more engaging and challenging. This attracts more visitors and can increase the price of admission tickets for one visit.

Idle Dino Museum mod apk

Upgrade the museum

Raising and expanding the museum allows you to become more and more affluent. You must create more rooms in your museum as you collect more fossils and artefacts. Expanding the campus allows you to display more products. Each area has more stylish layouts. The game offers many options available for players to choose freely. In addition, Idle Dino Museum provides a feature to project images in the form of 3D space. This way can help players promote the product more uniquely. But to own this 3D exhibition style, players need to spend a small amount of money.

Idle Dino Museum mod

The remarkable thing is that you can build this museum no matter where you are in the world from the lush forests of North America or the hot deserts of Africa. Each location brings a particular difficulty as well as a specific opportunity. In particular, players need to decorate and arrange the museum grounds in a style suitable for each area. Whether you build a museum in the city or the mountains, the options are still extremely diverse. Download Idle Dino Museum mod to develop and manage your dinosaur fossil museum.

Download Idle Dino Museum MOD APK (Unlimited Currency) for Android

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