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Knight War begins to create new rounds for you to take on the more difficult tasks of the campaign to protect the kingdom. Players will have to confront angry giants. Do you have a particular strategy when they possess great power and a small army to support? The rewards will be doubled for the upgraded version, and different incentives will be applied to you if you start now. Join and execute your strategy!

Knight War: Idle Defense Pro


To win the campaign against the giant monsters of Knight War, players need to build their own hero squad. Includes five positions; you will have to fill them to attack the enemy’s weak points. The hero of nature will take up the position to fight with the small army around the kingdom. Fireboys, magic wizards, and angels will face off against giant monsters. The green dragon with poison in the nozzle will support the hero squad.

Knight War: Idle Defense Pro


Not only relying on natural sources of power, but the hero squad you build in Knight War also needs support from items. The energy potion received after completing the match will help you improve the hero’s skills. The weapons used to launch the attacks will be upgraded with many magic stones. Besides, creating new types of equipment or swords with more significant damage is also acceptable. We promote freedom and creativity in this activity.

Knight War: Idle Defense Pro


The battles that take place in Knight War make you nervous because of the power of giant monsters. Starting at the low level, the player encounters medium powers. After the hero army gradually improves their skills, you will be able to face monsters of higher levels. You will be fighting with a powerful boss with potent fire punches even in a few special matches. However, as the difficulty increases, the number of rewards you receive will also be increased.


Knight War will give players the most special quests and require them to complete in order to receive treasure chests as a reward. You will discover the story of defending the kingdom of a strong team of heroes. Fateful encounters with giant monsters change your mind about sources of power. The intention to develop and strengthen the heroes’ skills was also rapidly deployed. Have fun with the great experience, and don’t forget to leave your review!

Knight War: Idle Defense ProKnight War: Idle Defense Pro


– Double the number of coins received after the battle is over is a unique feature for the upgraded version.
– Build a strong hero squad including faces possessing unique energies such as nature, fire dragons, angels, …
– Equip more weapons and energy from magic stones, renew weapons from free creative activity, form new types of power.
– Face off against monsters in a series of special quests ordered by the kingdom, completing quests to receive rewards like coins, diamonds, and gems.
– Meet monsters from low to high rank, have intense battles with bosses who possess hundreds of skills and combinations.

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