IDLE Death Knight v1.2.13080 MOD APK (Dmg, HP, Stats Multiple) Download

In IDLE Death Knight this time, players will make a big fight with the other stone heads. Those guys are the big enemies that we want to destroy every day, especially if you also have to show leadership. This exciting role-playing game will transport you to surreal worlds, where you will start from when you had nothing at all. And after doing the thrilling action, you add a bunch of weapons, armor and change your true ability.

IDLE Death Knight – idle games


The war has officially broken out, and this is the time for you to show all your abilities. You will conduct interesting role-playing; you have the right to choose any character to role-play to carry out the battle. This great war will be played out on a huge scale, possibly in a desert area with heat-resistant reptiles. Or the battle will also take place on the sandy sea with octopus and shrimp struggling.

You have to determine which enemies to kill to win the big bonus. The background will only be low, but you can, thanks to the implementation of the challenge, you will receive more exciting prizes. You will become a powerful fighting hero as well as become more robust, thanks to the rewards and upgrades you receive. You will also get many ideal help from this IDLE Death Knight.

IDLE Death Knight – idle games


After you have clearly defined the goals that you should attack, you will also begin to implement them. First, prepare a steadfast strength to be able to participate in a series of challenges, choosing weak enemies to fight. Selecting a weak enemy to fight first will help you not lose much health and be able to defeat that name quickly. You will receive an upgrade card, which can be a weapon or even an armor plate.

You will chase the enemies to the end and perform thrilling action sequences. Use the map to be able to navigate where your enemies are hiding. IDLE Death Knight continuously upgrades your strength, and your running ability becomes unique than ever. Players need to fight many enemies to become powerful heroes and make themselves more special than ever.

IDLE Death Knight – idle games


After each battle, you will be upgraded and become stronger than before. You will own a variety of large weapons such as knives, swords, … and iron armor sets to avoid their attack. After they die, they give us valuable money and that money you will collect to buy more valuable items. Use money recovery techniques and strong magnets to collect all valuable items.

Through this, IDLE Death Knight has brought thrilling action scenes for both you and your friends. The most exciting thing is that players always create drama and add interesting upgrades. Players will have the opportunity to participate in the matches and become powerful heroes of the game.

IDLE Death Knight – idle games


  • Perform thrilling action with fearsome enemies and fight hard for great rewards.
  • Role-play as one of the heroes and then wage wars for a great victory.
  • Always set combat goals and then execute them successfully and take advantage of significant advantages.
  • Use fast running abilities to chase enemies to kill them all before they grow up.
  • Use the money recovery technique to be able to buy all the high-end things and upgrade your weapons in battle.

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