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Owning a coffee shop is the dream of many people around the world. Let Idle Cafe Tycoon help you realize this beautiful dream. By opening a customer service cafe managed by yourself. The initial scale may not be large but create your beautiful coffee cups. You also make beautiful cakes. But this is a job that requires meticulousness and care. The ability to manage the restaurant is also promoted to the fullest extent. Quickly handle situations that arise during customer service. But first, you need to choose the interface for yourself.

One of the two characters is provided for you to choose from. One is a gentle girl wearing knowledge glasses with a gentle smile. Or a muscular guy with a quick and cunning face. Then just follow the instructions of a waitress with short blonde hair. Start by making a menu list of what your restaurant can serve. Click on the small number pad in the bottom corner to take notes and make a list. From drinks to snacks, fast food. There are countless options available to you as long as you can make these cakes. Because after choosing, you have to make the drink and food yourself.

Idle Cafe Tycoon mod

Download Idle Cafe Tycoon mod – Manage a famous coffee shop inside a quiet street corner

Usually, in simulation games, players will touch the screen to perform operations. Idle Cafe Tycoon is no exception when players just need to tap-tap on the screen to serve customers. The gods visited the store in a crowded and rushing manner. But they still consciously line up so you can slowly serve one after the other. A row of icons at the bottom of the screen are the main operations of the area. Depending on the representative symbol and name, each area has a specific function. At the beginning, you only have a small one-story coffee shop without full equipment, earn more money to expand your restaurant.

Idle Cafe Tycoon mod apk

Buy equipment

To make every process go faster, players can buy supporting equipment. Just make your cafe serve a variety of dishes. The process of making a cup of coffee can be automated and faster. Or buy beautiful glass cabinets suitable for the space of the shop but also preserve your cakes. Even cash machines, espresso machines, refrigerators, etc. All these machines players have to buy with their own money that the game will not provide available. Then arrange the position neatly so as not to occupy the space of the shop too much. If the shop is tight, the player has to spend money to upgrade the shop.

Idle Cafe Tycoon apk

Store expansion

If the store management job is favorable, the money is abundant. Or you can create your own special edition coffee mugs. Attract customers to visit by the uniqueness of interesting drinks. Your dedicated service in return for the capital for the upgrade of the restaurant. Expand your business area by renting more space. Rent more area next door, build more floors, hire more workers. The rooms are adjacent to the first building but have different styles. Each store is decorated in a new style, attracting many customers to come here to check in.

Idle Cafe Tycoon apk free


In addition to making drinks and making many kinds of cakes, there are also serving and security jobs waiting for you. You alone, how can you handle all this piled up work? What to do now is to hire more workers and choose people who are affordable with your budget. All members are wearing blue uniform aprons. There are cashiers, cleaners, waiters, bartenders, security guards, etc. Everyone is busy completing their own assigned tasks. From there, you can feel more secure and just sit and collect the idle coins. Managing and creating your formula makes it easier for you to get rich.

Idle Cafe Tycoon android

The menu of the restaurant needs to be diverse to be able to retain many diners. You need to constantly change, update and add new recipes. The dish needs to ensure both appearance and taste, that is, it must be both beautiful and delicious. It only takes a while to have all the necessary ingredients. Creating new dishes to serve customers is no longer difficult for you. Donuts, multi-flavored pizza, mango orange juice,…Download Idle Cafe Tycoon mod show your talent in managing a coffee shop and become a billionaire thanks to it.

Download Idle Cafe Tycoon MOD APK (Menu, Free purchase) for Android

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