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When patients need help, they will definitely turn to a doctor. They are the ones who know the specialized methods of saving lives. Without a doctor, no one will be able to save your life in an emergency. Many people also have a dream to become a doctor, responsible for saving lives. If you want to know what the work of doctors will one day do, come to My City: Hospital. Discover interesting things inside hospital facilities.

For the purpose of educating people about medical knowledge. My City: Hospital was born to spread the word about this work. Describe the steps a doctor needs to be able to bring a critically ill patient into treatment. Show you how the surgeries are done. Encourage the passion for doctors hidden in the hearts of each of us. Do not consider the profession of a doctor as a hardship, but treat it as a joy. My City: Hospital has a graphic that is not very good, but has a bright color. The most familiar facial features are especially for young adults. Give a boost to your dream of becoming a doctor.

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Download My City: Hospital – Do the daily work of a doctor

As an assistant in the city’s hospital, start your work. Enter the hospital and start doing the necessary procedures. Explore around to see what doctors need help with and what to do. You have to use your intelligence, put the objects in their right place. Use your finger to drag and drop objects to the selected location on the touch screen. Complete the unfinished work of doctors and nurses. Stimulate your intelligence and creativity to new heights. Become an assistant with extremely high medical skills. Get praise from your colleagues. Become a highly skilled and talented doctor.

My City Hospital mod download

Interact with objects

There will be objects scattered in My City: Hospital for you to touch them. Each thing will have its own use to be able to get the job done. Sometimes you will have to do things in different sequences with each object. These surgeries will require the necessary equipment. Bring those tools to the doctor in time so they can save the patient’s life. Delayed cooking will have very serious consequences, causing the patient to die. Be professional and use your judgment so you can speed things up. Your talents will be applied in the right places and in the right places. Concentrate on the work more.

My City Hospital mod android

Friendly characters

The characters around you are all cheerful and gentle people. They always have a friendly and close smile on their faces. Gives you a very comfortable and comfortable feeling. You can asexually hurt these people, but they won’t blame you. You can try again and again without fear of making deplorable mistakes. Once you become a hospital manager, almost every job will come to you. Help your healers to keep the hospital in good shape. Don’t keep your patients waiting long. Process tasks quickly to have time to discover all the interesting things in your hospital.

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Interesting places

You can work in different locations, not just one. Different locations will have different characters for you to meet. Let’s interact with them to discover this beautiful life. Help them in daily tasks as well as build good relationships. Become a gentle and helpful person to the surrounding community. Enjoy exciting experiences in places with beautiful scenery. Explore places you’ve never been before and the people there. The locations will have different interesting things like helipads to take patients to. Commercial area for shopping and entertainment.

My City Hospital mod free

Help with childbirth

You are a multidisciplinary doctor with a lot of experience in different fields. You can’t just have an organ transplant or an injection. You can even become an expert at delivering and taking care of new babies. Provide them with essentials such as pacifiers and bottles. Put them in cribs so they can sleep well. Help mothers after giving birth have the most stable psychology. Help the children have a safe place to send their love. Download My City: Hospital mod and start managing your own happy hospital right away. Help patients who need help and become talented doctors.

Download My City: Hospital APK for Android

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