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Your kingdom is being threatened by the invasion of the evil army of monsters. Summon all the best warriors in the kingdom. Gather them together into the most powerful army in history. That is the content of Magic Rush: Heroes, the most attractive fighting game that has been released. Everyone can download and play right now. Because of the attraction and unique game modes. The game always knows how to retain gamers right from the moment of contact. So what makes the heroes defending the kingdom so attractive.

Magic Rush: Heroes is the gathering of all the great warriors in the kingdom. And you are the one chosen to shoulder the great mission. It was to protect the kingdom from the attack of monsters from other worlds. They have both strange and dangerous power and intelligence. But a human-like you will certainly not succumb to them. Stand up and use your wits to defeat all the worst enemies. This is the ultimate battle of strategy and tactics.

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Download Magic Rush: Heroes – Victory with intelligence and ingenuity

There are many ways you can play Magic Rush: Heroes. The first is to play like a regular defense game. Warriors are considered fortresses with many different types of power. You will place them in positions around the map of the level. Experiencing enemy attacks and movements. The warriors will deal damage, not allowing them to go to our base. If the number of enemies entering the base is too much. The game is over and you lose. And if you defeat all of the enemy’s attacks. You will win that level.

The second way to play is for your army to directly confront the enemy. This way is often played more commonly than the first way. Not simply stopping the enemy. Now you must confront their true power. You can also upgrade warriors to many different levels. Bring the most special skills and powers. During the game’s journey. All warriors will gain strength over time.

Magic Rush Heroes mod apk

Auto or direct combat

There are important operations that you need to understand when playing Magic Rush: Heroes. That is during the battle, you can choose to automatically attack. The warriors will automatically launch skills when the enemy is close. The second is that you will do the work yourself. Let the damage done be the most accurate and perfect according to your will. Most players will choose to auto-attack towards the end of the match. At the beginning of the game, actively control the army with your hands. Discharge skills in the specified direction and area. Make them more precise and powerful. The evaluation score after the game screen will also be higher.

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Equipment and power-up gems

Weapons are always the most important things informing and strengthening your warrior. Each warrior will have a different profession. Corresponding to the equipment depending on the profession. Gives a variety of effects and powers. Upgrade equipment with gold coins to make them even stronger. Search for magic gems to instill into equipment. Create a variety of special effects in battle every time you play. These gems are often awarded in important levels. So don’t overlook the amazing power it brings.

Magic Rush Heroes mod apk free

PvP with opponents everywhere

There is nothing better than creating a strong squad. Not to mention can be brought to war with many other players around the world. The PvP system will help you solve these problems. Create a match to find people that match your level. The first thing to do is to create squads from your strongest warriors. Provide complete equipment and skills to be ready at any time. It should be noted that other players can also attack while you are offline to increase their ranking points. Be prepared for possible scenarios and climb the ranks of the strongest gamers.

Magic Rush Heroes mod mod

With many attractive modes and a series of powerful characters. Combined with vivid and beautiful cartoon graphics. Magic Rush: Heroes is well-deserved for its place as an exciting defense and fighting game. You can play it anywhere even offline. Play with friends and make friends on a worldwide scale. What’s more, is to practice strategic skills among many factors to win the victory at hand. All factors are based on your ability. Let’s download Magic Rush: Heroes to protect the kingdom from collapse.

Download Magic Rush: Heroes APK for Android

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