Grow Castle v1.37.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) Download

Unlike many other types of attack games, Grow Castle – Tower Defense is a game with highly different content. Here you have to equip yourself perfectly to defend against each class of attacks from the enemy; defend the territory against the illegal intrusion of the enemy. Experience an entirely new game; the player’s task is to improve your army, train the elite military, build the front line to defend your castle.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


Level up quickly by changing tactics, changing the position of heroes to fight, arrange each floor a solid defense to ensure that your tower will be safe. The publisher has provided players with more than 120 heroes with entirely different skills. Each hero will have a mission, a different story, increase passive and active skills to fight.

The more leaders you kill, the more enemies you gain, the more experience points you gain. This experience will help you level up quickly, conquering difficult levels. Through each level, the difficulty also increases gradually. The health of your side and the health of the enemy will be displayed on the screen. Fight to get more diamonds and gold. Join your friends in the game to level up and quickly break the rankings.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


They are equipped with the most advanced and modern weapons. Build new towers and recruit more heroes; you need to pay attention to the game’s resources, which are gold coins and purple diamonds because those are the things used to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Players can freely upgrade the skills they want.

After each match, you will have a period to rest and recuperate, upgrade, prepare new weapons for the next battle. Build colonies and hire workers to increase gold and diamonds and use that money to train warriors to become stronger.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


Build your own castle. Connect with friends to play across five continents by building and growing a powerful, popular online guild. At the beginning of the game, you only have rudimentary weapons and meager manpower, thereby gradually improving and upgrading the heroes to become elite army damage to weapons and manpower.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense has a large community of players, covering everywhere, many of whom have created a clan with many powerful heroes and turned it into a strong, famous faction. This is a game suitable for everyone’s needs, suitable for Android 4.4 and above operating system devices, and not too heavy to download—eye-catching visual effects and enemies created with a funny image.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Grow Castle – Tower Defense is designed to be very simple, and the gameplay is fundamental and addictive. It’s great that there are no ads that pop up while you’re playing. You do not need to spend too much time understanding the rules of the game because it is effortless. Invite more friends to download and install to fight like a real castle defender.

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