God Battle MOD APK 1.36.1 (Menu/God mode)

Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle MOD APK Infomation

Turn on the mod Menu before entering the battle.

Take care, Work in PVP and they Ban easily, im not responsible if your main account got banned!

Power is something that everyone wishes to own and use in real life. But maybe that will only happen in the animated movies you get to see. Don’t be sad, because there is another easy way to do this. That is playing Monsters & Puzzles: Battle of God, known as the paradise of legendary creatures. Bringing great battles of strength and wisdom to everyone.

When Poki Mobile was released, it created a huge fever with the player community. But then it was no longer relevant and was terminated with regret from many people. But with the desire to keep the precious things, Monsters & Puzzles: Battle of God was born. This is another more complete version of Poki Mobile. Keeping the classic puzzle gameplay combined with extremely eye-catching attacks. The characters also have solid shapes with many vibrant colors.

Monsters Puzzles Battle of God mod mod android

Download Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle mod – Own pets with destructive power

Like cartoon pokemon, you will be a class animal trainer. Let’s take your animals from ordinary to very powerful. In battles, you don’t need to do much to be able to fight. Instead, the attacks will use the power from the diamonds. The gameplay is also straightforward, and you just need to drag the diamonds in a line to break them. Create a source of fighting energy for your pets. Yellow is for melee attacks, red is for ranged shots, green is for HP recovery, and blue is for your pet’s energy recovery.

This is a game that relies more on luck than skill. If it’s your turn to have the ability to destroy many diamonds, then there is definitely an advantage. All will be randomly regenerated, and no one can know what will happen next. Do the best you can and take advantage of every opportunity.

Monsters Puzzles Battle of God mod free

Countless powerful pets

This is a game about collecting and fighting, so of course, there will be many pets created. Each one will have a very cool shape and a kind of power. Its power is shown in the way it attacks its enemies. They also possess ultimate moves that deal great damage. You can own any pet you want by completing quests or participating in the wheel of fortune. If you’re lucky enough, you can summon high-rare pets. The rarer the pet, the more powerful it possesses than usual. There will be one battle pet and five pets to help you in the battle.

Various elements

Each pet usually possesses a certain element that exists in the natural environment. These elements are divided into six systems: fire, water, plants, thunder, light, and darkness. These systems can overcome each other by their incompatibility. Water can overcome fire, plants can overcome water, and light can overcome darkness. The fact that you own pets with countermeasures will bring high efficiency. Gain an advantage over your opponents or balance those stronger than you. Grasping these advantages will help you a lot on your way to victory. A full lineup of systems is the optimal choice for players.

Monsters Puzzles Battle of God mod download

Fight with other players.

This is the type of game that everyone wants to show their bravery to everyone. With this match mode, your opponents will be randomly matched. Both will be taken to a random field to compete in individual skills. Use all you can to take advantage of the enemy. Launch the strongest attacks to surprise the opponent. You should calculate the strategy properly so as not to fall into a disadvantageous situation. Even if you lose, you must try your best not to have regrets. Fighting a lot will help your skills improve. At the same time, overcome your own shortcomings to be able to defeat a stronger opponent.

Monsters Puzzles Battle of God mod apk

Highly entertaining

Monsters & Puzzles: Battle of God mod does not place any heavy emphasis on players. You can play anytime you want as long as you have internet and mobile devices. The matches will take place quite quickly not to take up much of the player’s time. Even if you give up halfway, you will still receive your rewards. Feel free to fight and enjoy the fun in life. This is a game suitable for many audiences with different requirements.

Download Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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