Game Booster VIP v74 APK (Full Paid) Download for Android

If you are in need of an application that can help you increase maximum speed when using web browsers, then Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX is the perfect choice for you. Here, users with just one touch can view the web browser most easily. In addition, this application does not contain ads, so you do not need to worry if you are bothered anymore. Not stopping there, you can also get our support to check the stability of the programs. This application also supports you to delete data automatically to save a considerable amount of space.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX


This application was born to seem to be dedicated to the most accomplished gamers. To experience the most authentic feelings, this application is considered a trump card that can help you do that. Not stopping there, gamers often encounter the game smoothly; this is also the love of your life. You have to try playing games with this application to utter surprise when it helps you be as smooth as possible.


Not stopping there, Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX also constantly brings you many attractive features. To mention is the appearance of the battery’s temperature reduction feature. If you face a problem when your energy source is drained quickly and without limit, you will fall into funny situations. Specifically, battery power does not allow it when talking to loved ones. This is a sad thing, and that’s why we’ll help you save battery life.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFXGame Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX


There are no words to describe the joy when users can minimize network latency, pretty contrary to popular belief. In a word, you will actually enjoy the links as well as the web browser very quickly. With just a touch of a button in very few seconds, you can freely access and enjoy funny or horror movies. Not stopping there, the same helpful information to look for.


If you always enjoy movies or videos with rather low resolution. It is this that makes you feel annoyed because you do not experience the fullest possible. The details in the film are blurred, making it impossible to see the most meticulous actors. Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX was born to help you do that because it can upscale the resolution up to tp 2560.


If you still wonder about system stability other applications or games that exist on mobile devices, please try to come to us. When you come to this world, users can efficiently conduct stability or instability testing of the system. Users can control its stability, so you can work on fixing problems quickly and promptly. Therefore, your mobile device will be much less damaged.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFXGame Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX


Your storage will become as optimized as possible. Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX gives you the best experience when you can proceed to delete unnecessary junk data. We can help you detect spam automatically. Deleting junk data like this will help you save space to the maximum, and your ram will be extended for the space.

Game Booster VIP Lag Fix & GFX works thanks to artificial intelligence. This application is like a practical assistant to support you in many tasks. Specifically, the image quality of the videos or movies is upgraded to the clearest. Thanks to that, you can own the most genuine and most explicit experiences and emotions. Not stopping there, users also help you to detect unnecessary garbage capacity.

  • This is an application that allows you to control the stability of your system with features to help you troubleshoot.
  • Absolutely no useless ads that take up a lot of your time, keeping you from focusing on the main features.
  • Enhance the image quality to the highest level without losing extra space, so it saves a lot of money.
  • Automatically detect and detect junk data, and delete them to help expand more storage.
  • This application helps you save battery power when it is possible to save them by reducing the energy temperature.

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