Fire Emblem Heroes v7.3.1 APK (Latest) Download

Fire Emblem Heroes opens up a world of heroes from all over the Fire Emblem universe. When you arrive at this place, you will play as one of the heroes and participate in unlimited battles. Players will be able to upgrade the hero’s strength to be ready to confront more vigorous opponents. Get ready to upgrade and move the hero character across all fronts and fight hard.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Adventure with special fire symbols that ensure you’ve never met a witness anywhere. At Fire Emblem Heroes, you will immediately receive the first task to choose the hero character that will accompany you on the next journey. The majority of the heroes collection comes from the Fire Emblem series. However, besides that, there is also the appearance of entirely new characters created by the hands of Yusuke Kozaki, Shigeki Maeshima.

Fire Emblem Heroes


In particular, we will teach you a few important things so that you are not easily fooled when joining Fire Emblem Heroes. Around you, there will be allied characters with you going through the ups and downs, but don’t rely too much on them because the player cannot distinguish what is real and what is fake. Among those objects will be true allies, but some traitors will stand in your way to the end.

Fire Emblem Heroes


If only with the initial strength of the heroes when given by Fire Emblem Heroes, we fear it will be difficult for you to get deep into the inner battles. Therefore, players need to quickly update the news and upgrade the hero’s strength right away. There are many ways to help you fulfill your wishes, one of which is to level up. Not only that, but we also bring you many new skills and weapons along with completely unique equipment items.


Be brave and take your character to a new level of the cloud for a chance to stand on the leaderboards. If you are a brand new player with no experience, don’t worry, you still have a trump card in your hand. That is the auto-battle system; as the name implies, you will not need to touch anything; your character will lead you to victory.

Fire Emblem HeroesFire Emblem Heroes


Players can take advantage of Fire Emblem Heroes’ automatic mode to learn more unique strategies. To do that, you need to pay close attention to everything that’s going on. Each character’s actions have a certain purpose, so you need to capture that purpose as soon as the happy ending occurs. This is the platform for you to enter the battles at a higher level, more professional.

– Choose a hero and build it more and more potent with a personal color
– Add and upgrade intelligent weapons, the most optimal
– Fateful encounters with allies or enemies, can you tell the difference?
– Go through many stories in a continuous storyline with battles from simple to complex.
– Use automation with the character as soon as you set foot in the impressive world.

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