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Players desire to try boxing but have not had the opportunity to try it in real life. MMA – Fighting Clash 23 is a sports game that helps players satisfy this passion. The passion for fighting sports motivates players to transform into the characters in the game. Become one of the strongest athletes, and enter the official ring. They are standing in front of thousands of spectators showing off their top fighting skills. The spotlight, the cheers, and the guardrails are as realistic as a match. Players will experience immersing themselves in the thrilling and fast-paced atmosphere that the game brings.

Each character represents a famous club in the boxing world. Therefore, the victory you bring will also determine the ranking of the home team. The game follows the horizontal screen so the player can easily follow the entire battle. After going through the preparations, players officially set foot in the ring. The arena is a large area surrounded by an iron fence. The top of the screen has red horizontal bars corresponding to the energy sources of the two characters. Two characters will participate in three rounds, and the side that wins the first two rounds will win. Each ‘s time game also has a specific limit that the player can see on the screen.

MMA Fighting Clash 23 android

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Like other action role-playing games, character controls are performed through virtual keys on the screen. On the left side,, a black steering wheel controls the character’s movement around the arena. On the other side are virtual keys that perform attack operations. Punching, kicking, and blocking the enemy’s attack can be done thanks to these virtual keys. Because there are many operations, players must get used to the virtual keys before officially entering the battle. There are also special kick operations; players perform these operations by touching the avatars on the screen.

MMA Fighting Clash 23 apk free

50 warriors

MMA – Fighting Clash 23 offers a team of 50 legendary fighters from many parts of the world. Each character possesses a balanced appearance and intense fighting ability. But to be able to own this powerful warrior team. Players need to accumulate a lot of money thanks to winning battles. The character system is modelled after famous international boxers. From Bruce Lee, John Jones to Connor McGregor, Khabib,… If you are a player passionate about this sport, it is impossible not to know these famous characters. Thereby the player has the opportunity to control the feeling that they idolize to fight.

MMA Fighting Clash 23 apk

Fighting style

Because of the variety that comes from the positions of the warrior characters, players can admire a treasure of different fighting styles. Different fighting styles lead to more diverse movements that warriors perform. Your character can master BBJ, Muay Thai or Box, Kickbox, and Sambo. There are also many other fighting styles that players can freely explore. Choosing the right type for the character is also not easy. Thanks to that, players can fully use their abilities when performing offensive operations. Manipulate to dodge, attack, rampage or eliminate opponents directly.

MMA Fighting Clash 23 mod apk


In addition to choosing different warrior characters, players can change the character’s external equipment. Inside the store, you can buy more than costumes, and gloves for warriors. In addition, it is not strange to change hair, skin colour or hairstyle. The tattoos on the character’s body also symbolise the team they join. Players can also take their characters to training sessions. Here, you control your character to perform operations with sandbags. Or perform combat operations with the dolls that the game provides. Thanks to that, players can be more familiar with the character’s actions.

MMA Fighting Clash 23 mod

Interestingly, players can perform more than 100 different types of operations. These moves change constantly; your character can diversify operations, making it difficult for the enemy to predict. The kicks are performed at many different angles; the old rotation also has its highlight. Players can also enhance the character’s strength thanks to supporting drugs. They are purchased with the money that you earn after winning battles. Participate in post-battle press conferences to promote yourself and your teammates. Download MMA – Fighting Clash 23 mod to control mighty warriors to participate in mortal struggle.

Download MMA – Fighting Clash 23 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamond/Silver) for Android

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