Fantastic Pets v1.0.74 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) Download

Fantastic Pets is a magical land with cute pets, and this is a prosperous world and home to powerful pets. Your mission is to restore the poisoned land and bring peace to the world. The game is built with familiar match-3 gameplay with exciting journeys in the magical world.

Fantastic Pets: Merge Magic!


The match-3 puzzle game is probably familiar to many players, and Fantastic Pets is also a fun, relaxing game with such gameplay. The gameplay of this game is straightforward and attractive. Besides, the game context and effects are designed in detail and sharp, giving players beautiful puzzle screens. You will rebuild the land poisoned by the forces of evil and turn it into a land of prosperity. It would help if you created new animals to restore your kingdom to its original form.

Fantastic Pets: Merge Magic!


Coming to this game, players will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of pets and outstanding natural beauty. Cloud gardens will bring you exciting adventures along with the unique ability to merge to unlock many new species of pets. When starting to join the game, the player will be instructed on how to play in detail, and the player will get used to it. The player’s task is to merge the same symbols to create eggs or new creatures such as dragons, tigers, dolphins. In addition, you can combine different plants or flowers to evolve them, making your land more beautiful.


As mentioned above, you will use your magic to unite pets, flowers, and trees to restore the devastated land. Each new move will help you upgrade each element of your jungle and expand infinitely.

Fantastic Pets: Merge Magic!


  • Combine and merge plants, flowers, pets to discover their magical growth with your endless magic, creating a dreamy and colorful kingdom.
  • Merge eggs to create new pets and evolve them into cute and powerful pets. Restore the old form of the land and upgrade your kingdom.
  • Friendly graphics: with a fun cartoon style, the icons of pets and trees are all uniquely designed and fresh. At the same time, the game context is also very diverse and colorful.
  • Experience the magical pet space and infinite scalability, unlocking many new icons to create the paradise of your dreams.

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