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Dragon & Elfs will take you to a magical world with cute little elves and mysterious magic everywhere. Everything here was still beautiful and full of life until the onslaught of ferocious dragons turned the place into ruin. It seems that the whole land has gradually fallen into darkness, and you will be the only hero to stand up and fight to protect everyone.

Dragon & Elfs


A beautiful fairyland is also a place where cute elves live in harmony with each other and create a world of magical magic. I thought everything would be fine until the fierce dragons came from nowhere and attacked this place. They begin to destroy everything that stands in their way, such as spewing fire everywhere and causing trees to burn.

People couldn’t sit still and watch their beloved land disappear like that, so the elves stood up to fight the dragons, but the results were not as expected. Since they were so strong, they also encountered many difficulties and suffered heavy losses. And you will play as the only savior who can stand up to help the poor elves fight the dragons and return the land to its former beauty.

Dragon & Elfs


To be able to rescue the elves and heal this land, you must overcome hundreds of different challenges by playing puzzles similar to the match-3 genre. Your task is to combine similar items to create a stronger item. Continue to connect three or more items continuously until you create a final product that you have completed the level.

Dragon & Elfs

As time goes on, the levels will become more and more difficult with a lot of more complex challenges given, and there will be a lot of items that you need to create to receive many attractive rewards. In addition, in overcoming challenges, you also have to discover the eggs of the elves and form powerful creatures to help you fight the ferocious dragons.

Dragon & Elfs


  • Enter into the magical world of lovely dwarves and fight with them to protect this land.
  • The plot is theatrical with the invasion and destruction of the peace of the dragons with the heart and evil plan.
  • The gameplay is built in a simple, classic puzzle style but brings very high appeal.
  • Huge variety from over 400 different levels of play, more than 1000 missions given, and much more.
  • The game’s graphics are carefully designed to the minor details combined with gorgeous colors.

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