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Dragon Battle develops your own army of dragons and trains them to start fighting the neighboring regions. The intrusion of bad elements has attacked the peace of dragon island. Do the job of a great trainer and defeat the enemy’s deep conspiracy. Each dragon will bring its own characteristics; they are adorable but also very aggressive. Experience the fun from dragon island, and don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest additions!

Dragon Battle


Everyone dreams of having the best dragon lineup in Dragon Battle. With countless different types, the more diverse the squad, the greater their fighting power. Collecting one by one for the dream team is quite difficult. Any kind of difficulty can strike as you go on your quest. But thinking about when you can put out the strongest squad and win, that’s why you should try.

It is wiser to choose dragons because each dragon has special skills. They are distinct and always easy to identify. For a battle, each dragon will take on a separate function. There will be offensive and defensive positions, and there are also those who can heal teammates. The subtlety and wisdom among the players are shown through the teaming. Create the main team and a reserve team always to be ready for unexpected situations to achieve a more certain victory.

Dragon Battle


Dragon Island is also a suitable place for Dragon Battle players to create quality training sessions. It can be seen that it is permissible to arrange encounters between similar formations in terms of strength. The opportunity to train dragons helps them get used to the pace of battle that still falls into the days of light fighting with low-level demons. Create your own exercises that reflect the characteristics of each species; you will succeed in training them!

Dragon Battle

Research more about the accompanying items, the equipment that you collect in the process of completing the mission set by Dragon Battle. Do not rush to throw them away; each location and object has its own story; exploiting it will help you research new dragon species! Adventure more, expand the place of discovery with long trips to be able to find even more exciting things.

This addictive adventure game is supported by a system of beautiful 3D graphics and unique sound. The experiences become more interesting, and the renewed challenges in each round will excite the players, making them stick with this storyline longer. Besides, focusing on gathering dragons and building a strategy always to prevail is the tip I give you!

Dragon Battle


Dragon Battle is always ready to welcome new members to the dragon breeding club on the island, signing up for a weekly race to compete with other dragon camps. The journey to find and collect dragons to the training camp continues with more special stories. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop skills and squad to enroll in the leaderboard. Experience this special life, and don’t forget to leave your review on the game feature!

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