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Every day we have to work with countless types of papers, documents, and documents, if you only retype one or two pages of the document, it will not be a problem, but if tens or hundreds of pages, what about documents? We cannot manually type a large number of documents and retyping documents is also not a smart measure because it consumes a lot of time and effort. And instead of typing documents manually, we can completely use the vFlat Scan application to scan documents in just one click. Even if the number of documents is up to thousands of pages, it is not a big deal for this application, all will be scanned and moved to the device’s memory, now what the user can do with the place. That document is fine.

Life is more and more modern and people also need to work in the smartest ways that bring high efficiency and don’t have to spend too much effort. So it’s time to get rid of the old manual ways of working and replace them with tools that can help us solve problems in a short time. Less time typing documents, users will have more time to focus on their other goals.

vFlat Scan mod android free

Download vFlat Scan mod – Experience scanning all documents in a short time

vFlat Scan is an application that helps users to scan any document or text, and evetextandd,  images. All scanned documents can be converted to PDF file format wist one click, making document management and sharing much more convenient. Instead of having to carry documents to the store or scan them at the cumbersome machines at the company, now users only need a mobile phone to scan all documents, a perfect alternative to reduce costs. A lot of costs to th  user. Now, there’s no need to carry heavy documents out of the house anymore when users can scan and organize them neatly in the device’s storage, so they can be found easily when needed.

vFlat Scan mod

Scan documents and documents

The device’s camera vFlat Scan can scan all documents and documents. With just one click, all the text in the document that the user wants to scan will be transferred to this application. Users also do not ne d to worry that the document must be neat and flat to scan because even if the papers are pinched or curved, vFlat Scan can scan without any problems. Whatever, at the sam  time after scanning, wrinkles or curls will also be made to disappear. Not only that, with OCR technology, it can also convert existing images in the user’s photo library into text in a blink of an eye. Select the image the user wants and click on the Text recognition item, then vFlat Scan will automatically analyze and convert the image to text for the user.

vFlat Scan mod apk

Format conversion

Not only scanning documents, but vFlat Scan also can convert the format of scanned documents to PDF. More specifically, users can change the paper style for the original document from materials that do not look really aesthetic to other paper spectrums with a variety of colors and designs. With handwritten documents and documents that are not too beautiful, users can completely choose to replace another font so that the text becomes easy to see and suitable for each purpose of the work. All scanned documents will be neatly and neatly organized in a separate folder, whenever users can find the document they need quickly. As a result, documents that are both thick and heavy in the blink of an eye are neatly placed on the user’s device.

vFlat Scan mod android

Share documents

Instead of having to send documents to distant objects by courier or mail, now users only need to scan the necessary documents and send them very easily. Even if the target is on the other side of the world, it will receive the document in less than five minutes. This feature is extremely useful for those who often have to work with remote customers, making the exchange of work information between the two parties more convenient. In addition, with a strict security policy, vFlat Scan will absolutely not read or reveal the information contained in the documents that the user scans to the outside, the user’s documents will always be kept private. private and kept safe. Thus, users can safely use vFlat Scan to support their work.

vFlat Scan mod apk free

Download vFlat Scan mod to scan documents, documents, convert images to text and store them safely on your device without much effort or any cost.

Download vFlat Scan MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) for Android

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