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Currently, the world has about 7 billion people. Every day people live and release millions of tons of waste into the environment. It would be harmful if they are not sorted and handled quickly. Human is the factor that causes environmental pollution. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people have started to pay more attention to waste reduction. Foreseeing that trend, trash has also been selected by game developers to create video games.

Released by AlexPlay LLC Trash Tycoon is one of the games in the simulation genre. Released not long ago, Trash Tycoon has attracted the attention and appreciation of the gaming community. Currently, there are more than 100 thousand installations of Trash Tycoon. With a friendly design and idea, the game promises to bring a rewarding and exciting experience for players.

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Download Trash Tycoon mod – Billionaire from the trash

What if one day you found a way to become the richest person in the world. The most special thing is that making money from seemingly unproductive trash. That can happen in Trash Tycoon. Players will become a billionaire by selling trash. Being left by your grandfather for a pile of trash seems like you are very unlucky. But not by your intelligence you have turned them into money. Not only that, but you also help improve the environment, change people’s thinking about waste.

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Simple gameplay

Trash Tycoon has very simple gameplay. Players who want to increase their fortune need to collect lots of trash. The player must be quick to compress the trash. The more compression you can get, the bigger the wealth that can be obtained from it. After possessing them, players can bring them up on the stock exchange. Players must be very smart when considering citation in order to make a decision to increase the score. Once successful, you will move to a higher level. It is to clean up every dirty place in the world, bring a fresh environment.

Trash Tycoon mod apk 1

Big world

Trash Tycoon exploits a very diverse context system. Players can search for trash anywhere in the world. From Varanasi city, Mediterranean Sea, volcano Vesuvius, Grand Canyon, Samsun coast, Rub al Khali desert, Mendenhall glacier, Amazon jungle, the savanna of Africa. All of them were recreated in Trash Tycoon. Never before has trash been so fun. You will become useful. The environmentalists will respect your talent.

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Discover many interesting things

A very remarkable point of Trash Tycoon is the integration of games. Coming to Trash Tycoon, players will have the opportunity to participate in archaeological excavations. Discover laboratory inventions, upgrade compactors. Moreover, there is a sports race to pick up trash. Through the collection of garbage trucks, the player will have a stronger chance of winning the battle over lucrative lands.

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Competition fierce

Making money from waste is just as competitive as other industries. This fat bait is seen by many people. To achieve dominance, you must strengthen your strength. By building, expanding factories, improving and upgrading garbage storage composting machines will be expanded. You will become powerful. The more difficult it is for the competition to compete with you. Try to create a solid business.

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Trash Tycoon does not require an internet connection, so it is easy for everyone to experience it. Especially you can play anywhere with one hand in ecoclicker mode. Even without playing some trash can also be collected offline. Trash Tycoon does not contain ads that annoy players. The graphics and sound quality of Trash Tycoon are also very elaborate.

It can be said that Trash Tycoon is a game that is both entertaining and humane. Coming to the game, you both have moments of relaxation and change the way of thinking. Trash Tycoon helps people to have the right view of waste. Through the game, people are also conscious of preserving and protecting the environment. Because that’s where we live. The environment is clean and beautiful, the health of each person can be improved. Perhaps that is also the message that the producer wants to convey through the game. The game will be a fun and useful choice and experience for you to try. Download Trash Tycoon mod with experience and get rich on the garbage.

Download Trash Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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