Download The Arcade Rabbit MOD APK 1.2.1 (Unlimited Money)

You can go further and get whatever you want in The Arcade Rabbit. That can be a big goal when venturing into dangerous dungeons. Hold on to it until the final test is completed. Make monsters the best place to collect items. No one has the power to stop you anymore. Powerful weapons can only destroy them. Infinite fighting power brings endless victories. Conquerors always have a goal that ordinary people cannot keep up with.

The story of heroes and dungeons has been recreated on another level. The raging battles of skill and wits unfold vastly. A whole world of adventure is created for adventurers and their free time. There is no denying the quality is quite good, and there is an investment. Both the storyline to the upgrade elements is rich and varied. Retain players effectively with sizable incentives. An asset that can be said to be worthy for us in this super product. Hit the road and build your character to be the ruler.

The Arcade Rabbit mod

Download The Arcade Rabbit mod – Overcome all scary dungeons.

Our bunny has taken the most important journey of his life. It’s to aim for the dungeons and start hunting for precious items. This character is quite strong, so you can ultimately strengthen him. Move into secret passages and face countless monsters. Characters can use basic operations and skills to fight. That will be optimal when you want to take down the targets quickly. When you reach the end of the dungeon, take down the strongest one. At that time, if you win, you will be honoured solemnly. In addition, you also get a lot of good items to use.

Random dungeons

The Arcade Rabbit doesn’t discern the specific levels you must pass. Instead, it ran randomly between pre-configured dungeons. This will make it impossible to predict which jail you will encounter. The levels linked with the theme of the jail have appeared. So you will meet the typical monsters of each place. Face deadly and incredibly bizarre traps. Survive and take down all the dungeon guards. You will face a total of the two most important levels. Corresponds to two bosses and twice can harvest special items for themselves.

The Arcade Rabbit mod free

Random item

In the dungeon, it was not uncommon to find various items. More than 200 different items can be used for each target. For example, potions help you to replace lost HP or mana. The puzzle pieces can be used to exchange for valuable things. The most important are the weapons you get. Weapons are ranked according to the rarity they have. The rarer the gun, the stronger, especially the legendary ones. They have unique abilities but, at the same time, are pretty tricky to use. Choose what you need, throw away the useless stuff, and aim higher.

The Arcade Rabbit mod apk

After playing, we can earn a relatively large amount of money. This money can be used to unlock characters and upgrade them. The characters will contain their unique skills. Allow each time you control, you can create some benefit. Each level enhances the basic stats. At the same time, upgrading skills also helps to prolong their effects in The Arcade Rabbit mod.

Download The Arcade Rabbit MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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