Download Survival Craft Quest MOD APK 3.9  (Unlimited Diamonds)

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Unlimited Diamonds
*Get them after you complete the tutorial.
Note: If you enter the game, if you get stuck, you can run normally after restarting.

Have you ever wondered about your ability to survive on a deserted island? Are you a fan of Last Day on Earth, or Don’t starve together? Survival Craft Quest will be a great game to help answer this question. Set in the aftermath of a plane crash, players will take on the role of the last survivor on a deserted island. If the land is not attractive enough, you can also look to the deep ocean. Overcoming a challenge can take a lot of work, but the results will be worth it. Do not be afraid to step into the dangerous journey ahead because that is a testament to your courage.

As a modern version of the Robinson Crusoe novel, Survival Craft Quest, full of elements such as cooking, building, and hunting, will be a suitable choice for adventurous souls. With simple Match-3 gameplay, you do everything quickly. There are simple tasks and detailed instructions. There are complex tasks that require thinking and planning. You are constantly reminded of the crucial goals from the beginning to the end of the game. During the experience, this will be considered a big plus for players. Solve the game’s puzzles, and you will discover many new things.

Survival Craft Quest mod

No modern tools, no help from anyone, you have to survive on your own and find a way to return to the mainland. Longing for life, knowledge, and luck are the only things left with me. Meanwhile, the enemy is not only poverty but also the immense nature out there. This is not only a game to train the mind but also the spirit and will. After playing Survival Craft Quest, you will indeed have many unforgettable experiences. From thick bushes to vast forests. From the vast riverbank to the endless golden sand. Anywhere can hide a difficult challenge.

Survival Craft Quest apk

Easily cope with any challenge

Compensating for the difficulties in the plot, the game’s mechanics are entirely minimalist. With puzzle gameplay throughout the game, players only need to complete the requirements to achieve their goals. Make the most of your resources; you’ll find a way through them all. But don’t let that underestimate the game’s logic because you don’t know what lies ahead. Be very careful because every mistake, even the smallest, will have enormous consequences. There will always be a worry that you don’t know what to do next at some point. But, that worry will disappear immediately. Because the game always gives you goals to complete.

Survival Craft Quest mod apk

Gather supplies and build a base

During your survival on the island, you will have the opportunity to pick up food and water. Pick up as many as possible, make food and fill your hungry stomach. Remember, eating is always a priority, and an ideal hiding place will increase your chances of survival. Materials like branches and leaves appear everywhere, but can you bring them back? Don’t forget that your small backpack contains only the essentials. And don’t forget to build your solid base. In particular, gifts from the sea may suddenly appear; remember to collect them.

Survival Craft Quest andoid

Countless enemies are always waiting

Sharks certainly can’t attack you on land, but wolves can. Avoid confronting them when searching for food and building materials if you are not ready. Always be careful because even a tiny wound in the jungle can be fatal. Be on guard for all cases because no one else will help you other than yourself. As mentioned in the previous sections, you already know what to do. Tactics and following them are the simplest way to get you through this mess. Players can completely open more special functions on their own throughout the game.

Survival Craft Quest apk free

Through straightforward moves, you can freely survive with Survival Craft Quest. Treat this as your trip, not experiencing a game. Behind tough challenges, daunting tasks, and big goals can be even more incredible things waiting for you. Can you continue to survive and return to your homeland? Or end up like everyone else on the plane? Discover it yourself! Download Survival Craft Quest mod and experience new challenges, and at the same time, open new limits for yourself.

Download Survival Craft Quest MOD APK ( Unlimited Diamonds) for Android

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