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Do you want to know how much space you own in your smartphone, let Storage Space help you. Statistics gives the most accurate number of the capacity of everything. From the system, applications, remaining space… Sometimes you want to free up space because your smartphone is too cramped. No matter what capacity, Storage Space can do it for you. You’ll see what you’re spending your space on. From there, remove them if not needed. Make work and tasks on smartphones smoother.

Storage Space evaluates your entire smartphone device when downloaded. It will fully report how much space you currently have. That’s how much space you’ve spent on a particular app. What is the exact amount of space you have leftover. Controlling the space in your phone is extremely important. You must know if you have the qualifications and resources to perform the operations. It isn’t very pleasant if it is interrupted in the middle of the process.

Storage Space mod

Download Storage Space mod – Accurate statistics on phone capacity

Entering the interface of Storage Space, you will immediately see a circle. This is a circle that represents the total storage of a smartphone. Then they will be divided into three different parts in size and color. The green color represents the capacity of the operating system. Orange represents apps that have been downloaded on smartphones. The remaining white part is the amount of your remaining space. Depending on the exact number, you will immediately know how much space your smartphone has left. Not only that but Storage Space also shows them in more detail. We will continue to talk about it later because the amount of information is a lot. It takes care of every app and its workings inside the smartphone.

Storage Space mod apk

Specific capacity analysis

Click on the Analyze item to switch to the data analysis section. This place shows the directory of all the memory-consuming elements in the smartphone. We have image files, video, audio, documents, and other folders. Next to the names of the folders is the amount of space you took to download them. The number on the outside is just the sum of the whole. Click on each folder to closely look at all the data you have downloaded. Each has a different capacity. Add up to make up the total capacity and take up a part of the smartphone. This is the perfect place to do your cleaning.

Storage Space mod apk free

Observe application activity

This is the most valuable function that Storage Space brings. It helps you closely observe the capacity of each application. To know more and more accurately, please click on the information of those applications. Specific metrics such as storage space and download time will be displayed. Two essential parts represent the data of an application. Those two parts are application data and cache. Application data is data that is available or generated as you use it. The cache is something you can clear to improve space.

Storage Space mod free

Capture information all the time

To know how your smartphone is working, usually workings the application many times a day. Everyone found that to be quite annoying and time-consuming. That’s why widgets have been developed to improve that inconvenience. With widgets placed anywhere on your smartphone, you will update information. Just turn on the screen to see how much space you have consumed. Then press the delete button and improve quickly.

Storage Space free

Managing application activity has never been so easy. Storage Space lets you know exactly everything about every app on your smartphone. How do they work, and how do they consume memory? Erase instantly to make smartphone operation smooth and efficient. Download Storage Space mod to help unclog your phone.

Download Storage Space MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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