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Merge spooky slimes to become powerful against opponents in Slime Kingdom. You will enter the vast world of slimes and explore all their shapes. Those are flexible slimes that can transform into any form they want. But its flexibility makes slimes a target for monster enemies. They want to steal the slime kingdom’s deformation ability and complete their plan to conquer the world. However, you are the head of the slime kingdom and will all fight against monsters. Unite the slimes under your command and destroy the enemies of dark conspiracies.

The monster invasion has taken place worldwide, and everything has been devastated. And the world of slimes is also not immune to attacks from monster enemies. They have completely ruined the shape of the world and want to use all their forces to attack the slimes. Because the monsters know these slimes have more vital adhesive abilities, far above all. Slimes can combine to become a stronger entity against attacking monsters. So after destroying the whole world, they attacked the land where the slimes were born. Demons threaten the kingdom of slime, and you must lead the slime force to fight.

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Download Slime Kingdom mod – Combine flexible slimes against monsters

The kingdom of slimes became the target of monsters after they destroyed the world. Particularly the slime land that became the last place to be invaded was due to the ability to combine. Monsters who were not confident in their ability to defeat slimes when they first invaded the world. And they chose to completely overrun the world and then organize to colonize the kingdom of slimes. However, the slime kingdom still has a strong person, and you will fight with them to the end. Combining individual slimes will give you a powerful slime army. Find and combine potential slimes to strengthen them and fight monsters.

Slime Kingdom apk

Spooky slime kingdom

You have become a slime kingdom head to fight the monster enemies. They are world invaders and want to take away the freedom of slimes. And during the slime kingdom attack, they captured many slimes as enslaved people. So as the head of the slime kingdom, you have to fight monsters. This kingdom’s strong fighting army is the brave and warlike slimes. They will be determined with you to create an army of slime and prevent nightmares from attacking. Manage your slime kingdom and develop a team of slime heroes that repel attacking enemies.

Slime Kingdom mod

Adhesion ability

Monsters from the dungeon appeared before the slime kingdom and wanted to occupy it. So they continuously attacked and captured slimes as enslaved people for their experiments. However, you are a slime kingdom leader and will find a way to fight to the end. Slimes can stick, and you can create more powerful slimes from there. Slime warriors will obey your control and combine to become more prominent. And the slimes, after mixing, will form a barrier to prevent monsters from attacking the kingdom. Every slime in this kingdom is under your command, and connect them to fight.

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Endless dungeon

The enemies of the slime kingdom appeared from the dungeon, which was why they became numerous. And to ultimately defeat monsters, your slime kingdom must pass many jails. However, under your command, the slime in the domain is still fighting. Even if a series of monsters are ahead, slimes will still combine and grow stronger. But it would be best to keep your fighting spirit as king of the slime kingdom. Only you can maintain the fighting ability of the ghost slime and can be immortal. Combine slimes to become powerful heroes and go with them through endless dungeons.

Slime Kingdom mod

The kingdom of slimes seems weak against the attack of monsters. Any attack from them would weaken the kingdom’s slime forces. But you won’t let monsters continue to attack your slime kingdom. You can combine spooky slime to become strong against monsters. The slime will stick together under your command and fight the enemy. The monster dungeon will constantly create enemies, and you must be more persistent in the fight. Download Slime Kingdom mod to join the slime kingdom against waves of dungeon monsters.

Download Slime Kingdom MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android

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