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Root Explorer has long been rated as one of the most popular and effective file managers for users. File-related tasks are handled smoothly on Root Explorer. If you are a person who has a job related to document files but does not know this application, it is a significant omission. Because with it you can access a lot of essential documents. Perform actions to affect those files so that they work the way you want them to. The good news is that this application supports many platforms on Android phones. Good news for those who use phones with this operating system.

Supports all popular storage platforms from Google Drive. Dropbox, Box, or SMB network. Root Explorer can access SQLite databases, Text Editor. Create and extract zip or tar files for decompression purposes. The variety of jobs it can do is genuinely impossible to list. The deciding factor on how to use Root Explorer is the user’s job. Whatever you do, you will use a specific feature of it.

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Download Root Explorer mod – Work with files in smartphones effectively

The main interface when you first enter Root Explorer will include the available folders in your phone. It can be said that they make a small contribution and help your smartphone work normally and most efficiently. Pay attention to files that can affect the software, but the hardware will not be affected. That’s where you work. Each of those folders will include many different files for the working association of smaller files. It’s tough to explain in detail. It can be understood as an honest company. Each department has a lot of employees who are working non-stop.

Folders will be represented by two icons. Either a blue folder or a white report. They will have different roles and ways of functioning. The main work you use with this application will be to add or remove files from external sources. For purposes such as decompressing, downloading a new version of the application, updating, and counting… Because there are more exact and more practical changes, it is trusted and used by many people. You can also learn how to use these tasks.

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Workaround files

Each file plays a particular role, so every change inside them is fundamental. When you need to insert a file inside a folder, select that folder and insert the file you just copied into. Rename files to distinguish them easily. Displayed in text or code depending on the purpose. Change the owner by moving the file to another folder. Marking to indicate it from other files is not so important. Opening it requires more third-party tools, or you won’t be able to see what you want. Copy the source code of the file to send anywhere. Lots of different jobs and different uses.

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Create a new working tab

There will come a time when one of your tabs will be complete, and there is no way to expand them. Then use the function to open a new tab through the big plus sign in the bottom corner of the screen. It will bring up a selection of new accounts you can create. Choose between making a regular file from the SD card. From third parties like Google Drive Tab, Box Tab, Dropbox Tab, or connect to the network from Network Tab. Each type of tab has the same use of storing folders and files. However, depending on the type, it will have more certain functions of the above applications. The apps you need for your work are likely among them.

Root Explorer mod apk free

Save it as a document

Root Explorer has the function of taking screenshots of its files. Instead of using the screen capture function available on smartphones, you should use something similar available in the app. Because the security will be higher, the photos will have the most crucial information. Well suited to serve as proof in many debates. Or store it for future use. The images that have been taken will be saved in a separate place. Use your finger to swipe over the visible location. If you want to make any changes, click directly on the image to edit it properly.

Root Explorer free

In many office jobs, the possibility of getting jobs related to files and folders is very high. Indeed they are also complicated if you do not know how to do it precisely. Root Explorer was born to serve those jobs. Accomplish the target quickly and efficiently. True to its name, the Root Explorer mod will turn the problem from the root and solve everything.

Download Root Explorer APK for Android

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